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Home - Katalyst Shoulder Training® - Katalyst Shoulder Training® - 3D Rotational Training for Optimal Shoulder Health and Performance - Enhances movement efficiency & reduces the stresses known to cause most arm injuries, particularly to the shoulder & elbow

  • http://katalystshouldertraining.com/research-shows/ What Research Shows - Katalyst Shoulder Training® - THE PROBLEM – Arm Injuries THE CAUSE – Extreme Stresses THE SOLUTION – Movement Efficiency THE PROOF – The Chain Reaction THE STRATEGY – Building the Chain Reaction
  • http://katalystshouldertraining.com/the-kst-system/ The KST System - Katalyst Shoulder Training® - Research proves movement efficiency - the chain reaction - is the cornerstone for optimal shoulder health and performance. Katalyst Shoulder Training® (KST) is an integrated series of programs - scientifically based and field-tested - that develops, reinforces, and maintains the neuromuscular coordination (synchronized chain reaction). KST programs use 3D rotational movements that simulate the biomechanics of overhead sport motions. To bridge the gap between training (practice) and performance (game), KST uses movement sequences and teaching methods that allow you train the way you play.
  • http://katalystshouldertraining.com/the-katalyst-bat/ The Katalyst Bat - Katalyst Shoulder Training® - WHY THE KATALYST BAT™ FOR KST? 1) A critical element in building an efficient overhead motion (the synchronized chain reaction) is learning to take advantage of the muscular forces generated by your lower body (legs and hips). Simply stated, your goal is to maximize the transfer of these lower body forces upward into the arm (Transfer of Energy Principle). The Katalyst Bat™ has been purposely designed to facilitate your ability to take advantage of this all important transfer of energy. 2) Using the The Katalyst Bat™ will help to train and reinforce the correct mechanics of the overhead motion as you perform our 3D rotational movements. This, too, reduces the damaging stresses at the shoulder and elbow. 3) The Katalyst Bat™ also aids you in performing many of the most important KST movements.
  • http://katalystshouldertraining.com/ceu-course/ CEU Course - Katalyst Shoulder Training® - CEU Course - Achieving Healthy Shoulders in Overhead Athletes: The Necessity of 3D Rotational Motions. CEU credits for AzPTA, NATA, NSCA, & CATA certified individuals
  • http://katalystshouldertraining.com/testimonials/ Testimonials - Katalyst Shoulder Training® - Katalyst Shoulder Training® testimonials from MLB, college, high school, and youth players and coaches.
  • http://katalystshouldertraining.com/shop/team-training/ Team Training - Katalyst Shoulder Training® - If you’re looking to implement KST efficiently and effectively with your team or organization, then you need to take advantage of the team training we provide. This option gives you the opportunity to bring the KST team to you! We provide hands-on instruction for your players and coaches to ensure successful implementation. We walk you through our field-tested movement sequences using our strategic teaching methods.
  • http://katalystshouldertraining.com/shop/instructional-dvd/ Instructional DVD - Katalyst Shoulder Training® - KST Activation Program In this instructional DVD, former MLB player Jeff Larish takes you through the movement sequences of the KST Activation Program. This program was designed to be a daily warm-up before activity. It simultaneously develops neuromuscular coordination, stability, mobility, strength, and flexibility throughout the entire body. DVD Contents Feature KST Basics and Safety Exercise Library demonstrating techniques KST Activation Program 3 music tracks to choose from (Rock, Hip-Hop, Dubstep)
  • http://katalystshouldertraining.com/product/katalyst-bat/ Katalyst Bat™ - Katalyst Shoulder Training® - The Katalyst Bat™ was designed to be the only equipment you need for KST programs. The Katalyst Bat™ can also be used for soft tissue and muscle release the same way a massage stick or foam roll is used. Baseball and softball players are able to use the Katalyst Bat™ for one handed hitting drills. This extremely durable bat allows players to work on proper contact point, train proper hand path, and overcome hand dominance in their swings. The Katalyst Bat™ also reinforces better strike zone discipline because it prevents players from successfully hitting balls outside of their ‘power’ zone. Shoulder, elbow, and wrist injury risk is reduced because of the ideal length and weight for one handed use.

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