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  • tyler - Check your expectations

    PlayStation VR is an awesome accessory for the PS4 and makes me excited for the future of gaming. The reason why I say check your expectations is that your not going to get the big time AAA experiences or games like witches 3 or uncharted for VR. Your still going to primarily be playing using a tv. If your excited about VR and own a playstation, this is definitely worth the money.

  • mountainDrop - Indestructible

    I bought these to replace my original mud flaps on my 2006 Toyota Tacoma, they work way better too. They are slightly shorter than the original one's, I have really put them to the test here in Lake Tahoe, Snow, Ice, mud, rocks, sand...there indestructible. Super easy install too. I highly recommend them.

  • K. Schweighauser - Awful Experience - A Complete Nightmare

    Immediately on installation of this product my system started downloading adware without my permission. Nothing I did could stop it. After downloading fifteen separate adware programs on to my system, my computer crashed. I restarted the system but was completely unable to get online - every time I tried, my browser was hijacked to an adware site trying to either sell me something or get me to download even more garbage on my system. I tried removing the unwanted programs from my system through Windows but wasn't able to remove them all. I tried contacting McAfee but they wanted $150 in order to fix my system (which they insisted couldn't have been harmed by their product).

  • S. Harrison - My first and favorite natural hair product by far

    My first and favorite natural hair product by far. It was what I used in my transition last year. And although I've become quite found of Shea Moisture, I will alway but Cantu leave-in from here 2 at a time.

  • Valentino - FIVE STARS - NO REGRETS

    Ignore the techies that are bad-mouthing this wonderful little guy. He is engaging, fascinating and just plain cute. You can't help loving him and his personality! I am a high school teacher, and my students all fell in love with Cozmo, as did my colleagues. I preordered him about 2 months ago directly from Anki. Because of the price, I hesitated and debated cancelling my order. So very glad I didn't. He's a marvel. Great for STEM & STEAM classes because of the tech/Pixar magic overlap.

  • John A. Nipe - Does the job

    Great UPS system, I even forget it's there until the power goes out. Provides about half hour full power, MAC OSX recognized it immediately and shows power left at all times in top banner. Easy to set up.

  • Tabatha Hansen - Simple sewing on a sturdy machine!

    About ten years ago, I bought a Brother sewing machine for around $75. It ran great, it got thrown in several garages, went on many a trip and continued to sew wonderfully, considering the variety of machines I sewed on in different locations. When I started sewing leather, that's when problems started happening. Skipped stitches on even a single layer of leather (and thick fleece), regardless of adjustments and needle changes, continued to happen, which is no good when you're selling your products! I retired the machine this year to pass it on to my younger sister and got this awesome piece of metal.