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    Country:, Europe, CZ

    City: 14.4112 , Czechia

  • Mike H. - Very Pleased

    Does exactly what it's supposed to. Easy to set up and uncomplicated operation. Temperature reading seems low by a few degrees, but that's not a problem because it's consistent so I just compensate for that when I set my "safe range."

  • Darwin - 10/10

    I love this software. It is very sophisticated, much more useful than I anticipated. The only frustration I had is that it cannot playback in pizzicato. I do, however, understand why this is a shortcoming.

  • MatthewC - Very solid HP-compatible toner cartridge. Good value.

    I have used this toner cartridge heavily and it is still going strong. The prices are starting to creep up for LD products and they are no longer my first choice. But given the time I bought this unit and still using it, I will give it a 5-star. I have run into some cheap, defective units but LD is not one of them. But if I bought this today at current prices, I might have to give a 4-star. LD is good but they need to be mindful where they came from.

  • D. Schaefer - Worthless

    Two winters ago we had a mice infestation in our pop up camper which is stored outside. A friend recommended Fresh Cab, so we bought a box and tossed it in when we stored it in the fall.

  • Mel's fam - Love it

    This is awesome for taking out an infant. Fits on super easy and the car seat attaches even easier. I love my bob!

  • Mondra - Good Bags. Huge Quantity!

    The California Basics Vaccum bags have really been a great addition to helping me sort through and condense a lot of clutter that has been plaguing my house lately. I have been a big fan of the ziploc Vaccum bags and I decided to give these a try. The box comes with 15 bags inside. A jumbo bag 3 XL bags, 4 L bags, 4 M bags, 2 suitcase bags, 1 small bag, and a pump. I have throughly enjoyed the bags. They have really came in handy with have me condensed down a lot of blankets and clothing that I've had stored away for the past few months. The pump works very well with the vacuum bags and they seem to hold the air very tight. They aren't as good as the Ziploc brand that I prefer but they are a great all-around vacuum seal storage bags. I was able to put 3 to 4 blankets inside of the jumbo bag and I was able to condense at least 4 to 5 boxes of clothing in the rest of the bags. For the price of the bags they really compete well with the more expensive brand vacuum seal bags that are out. The true test is to see if the air holds for a long amount of time. The bags are of a good quality material and they come with a lifetime warranty so if any problems should arise the warranty definitely comes in handy. Overall these are some good vacuum sealed bags.

  • Richard & Brittany Alan Poe - I guess it's called perfect timing because my daughters all 3 shattered their screen ...

    I guess it's called perfect timing because my daughters all 3 shattered their screen protectors today. I swear they are super rough with their phone or it's bad luck I am not sure what to call it now. Because the oldest dropped her phone off her lap on the rug and it cracked. I am very picky with them though because if the screen protectors are cracked they won't do the job they are supposed to by protecting the phones actual screen. which is alot more to fix then getting another screen protector free or paid. This was very easy to apply no issues at all, very well directions on how to install this and everything needed dust stickers and wipes came in this pack. I have nothing to complain about. I prefer the protectors that come with a few but there is nothing wrong with one's that come with just 1 protector just a personal preference :) This screen protector is about average for thickness nothing over fancy, definitely not the thinnest I have owned or the thickest. However, overall it will do it's job. I received this product in exchange for a review.