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  • amethystallison - Amazing!

    Amazing product that works great in a short period of time. My cat has a heart murmur and couldn't get much needed dental work. I had tried scraping at the plaque build up on his teeth with a dental tool, toothbrush, and fingernail with no result. I bought this gel, and less than a week later the deposit just fell right off with the scrape of my fingernail. My cat doesn't enjoy when I use the gel on him, but a couple minutes of displeasure will end up saving his teeth and his health. I highly recommend giving this a try!

  • Amanda - It works!!

    The it works facial applicator is amazing! It's great for women and men. This is extremely expensive though. You can get it a lot cheaper by becoming a loyal customer as well as earn cash back on every purchase (perk points) Check around before spending too much.

  • Julie Freeman - In love with my Cameo 3!

    I am new to the Silhouette world and the Cameo 3 is my first machine. I love it so far! It is so precise, especially the "print and cut" function that allows you to cut your own images. The touchscreen is great and I particularly love the "Redo Previous Job" function. I was cutting out 50 onesie outlines for a baby shower and it was great not to have to walk back to the computer each time.

  • Scott - Excellent and durable

    I bought this backpack for my 4 day cruise. Awesome backpack. Able to carry 2 towels, camera, phone, headsets, book, money, etc... I had this thing on my back the whole time. It got the real test when we visited the Mayan Ruins in Mexico and it poured rain the whole 3 hours. It kept my phone, camera, towels, money, passports... everything that was in my backpack dry! Even the backpack itself somehow stayed dryed. I think its water repellent. I higly recommend this backpack. I will probably buy my wife her own in a different color.

  • C amazon - I buy this anthology every year for my daughter for ...

    I buy this anthology every year for my daughter for Christmas. After giving the first one to her a number of years ago, she has asked for this every year. She is an avid reader and looks forward to this every year. This is a nice way to introduce new authors or those whose work is not yet known yo the reader. They have also compiled an anthology of The Best Short Stories of the Century. It arrived on time and was well protected in the shipping box.

  • Msoand - Great Products

    I have used HR Block products for over 10 years and it has been a great product. It has a easy to use interview. It does not complicate the questions but thorough in coverage of tax information.

  • Carolyn Cullen - bright LED lights and product for selfies!!!

    This is the second one I ordered for my gf's bday gift, because I love it so much!!! I knew there was some sort of celebrity trick with lighting when they take selfies!!! Because they always look flawless (aka. the makeup gurus and the Kardashians..) I saw this case premiered on a Kardashian episode and had to find out where I could get one! Saw this was wayyy cheaper than the actual lumee site so I decided to purchase thru Amazon, as they have amazing customer support. LOVE LOVE LOVE the case!!! And love my new bright selfies at night!! My highlight be poppin'! ;D