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Medical Cannabis / Medical Marijuana in Minnesota | LeafLine Labs - Would you benefit from medical cannabis / marijuana in Minnesota? For an appointment call us at 844-532-3546.

  • http://leaflinelabs.com/locations/ LeafLine Labs' Locations in Minnesota | Medical Marijuana Dispensary - List of LeafLine Labs locations throughout Minnesota for Medical Marijuana dispensary.Contact us today at 844-532-3546.
  • http://leaflinelabs.com/contact/ Contact Us - LeafLine Labs - For general inquiries and/or any patient-related questions, please give us a call at 844-532-3546.
  • http://leaflinelabs.com/who-we-help/ Who We Help - LeafLine Labs - LeafLine Labs helps patients with severe/chronic pain, with nausea or severe vomiting, and/or with cachexia or severe wasting. Contact us at 844-532-3546.
  • http://leaflinelabs.com/becoming-a-patient/ Talking to Your Doctor About Medical Cannabis in MN | LeafLine Labs - Tips for talking with your doctor about getting Medical Cannabis or Marijuana in Minnesota. 
  • http://leaflinelabs.com/our-medicine/ Our Medical Marijuana Pain Management Medicine in MN | LeafLine Labs - Information about our Medical Cannabis / Marijuana medicine. For additional information contact us at 844-532-3546.
  • http://leaflinelabs.com/make-an-appointment/ Appointment for Medical Cannabis in Eagan MN | LeafLine Labs - On the State Registry and eligible for Medical Cannabis? Call our Eagan clinic today for an appointment at 844-532-3546.
  • http://leaflinelabs.com/patient-stories/meet-amelia/ Meet Amelia | Medical Cannabis Patient | LeafLine Labs - Meet Amelia, one of LeadLine Labs Medical Cannabis patients. Contact us today at 844-532-3546. Let us help you.
  • http://leaflinelabs.com/our-process/ Medical Cannabis Grown Locally in MN | LeafLine Labs - Our production facility for Medical Cannabis, located in Cottage Grove, Minnesota, is the first of its kind in the United States.
  • http://leaflinelabs.com/patient-experience/ Medical Cannabis Patient Experience in MN | LeafLine Labs - Read about Medical Cannabis pain management and patient experience. For additional information contact LeafLine Labs directly at 844-532-3546.
  • http://leaflinelabs.com/for-healthcare-practitioners/ Information on Medical Marijuana for Practitioners in MN | LeafLineLabs - LeafLine Labs in Minnesota offers information for Healthcare Practitioners on Medical Cannabis and qualifying your patients for treatment. For additional information call 844-532-3546.
  • http://leaflinelabs.com/safety-security/ Safety & Security at LeafLine Labs in MN | Medical Cannabis - All LeafLine Labs’ medical cannabis formulations are produced in our safe and secure facility. We are directly involved in every step of the process, and only authorized employees are allowed access to the facility.
  • http://leaflinelabs.com/clinical-research/ Research on Medical Cannabis | LeafLine Labs  - The cannabis plant has been used worldwide for thousands of year as medicine for medical treatment.
  • http://leaflinelabs.com/the-law/ Minnesota Law & Medical Cannabis | LeafLine Labs - Information about Medical Cannabis and Minnesota Laws. Contact LeafLine Labs today for additional inquiries at 844-532-3546.
  • http://leaflinelabs.com/team/ Our Team at LeafLine Labs | Medical Marijuana Dispensary - Meet our team of professionals at LeafLine Labs in Eagan, MN. For additional information, please contact us at 844-532-3546.
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  • Jana - Yuck

    I was hoping this would be the innovative product it is advertised as being, but I was disappointed. I don't think it covers flaws very well at all. If anything my pores look larger and my undereye shadows look even darker. Also the "sheen" it gives the skin is very artificial. I think it makes me look sweaty and sick. Verdict? Money wasted! Live and learn!