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  • Victor Fuentes Jr - Well done

    I was extreamly impressed with this charger. I am a student. And I take many things that use USB connectors. Finding 1 outlet is precious so finding a charger that can charge multiple USB chargers was a must. I had my worries since I have the new iPad, that perhaps it wouldn't be compatible. It is, everything I set to charge works well. For the price? I'd recommend it to anyone. I'm not someone who would rate anything 5 stars, but well done

  • Adam Miner - and isn't obtrusively large like other bands

    I don't use activity trackers (as I really don't care how many steps I take or calories I burn), but this one is different. The swim tracking (although not perfect), does beat what I expected it to report. Also, the running mode shows how hard your feet are hitting the ground and reminds on technique (preventing injury from heavy foot strikes). Overall, it's a neat little gadget, and isn't obtrusively large like other bands.

  • OnlineShopHopper - Save your money for a different version or different program altogether

    The product has good stuff in it, but no way of delivering the content. I don't know if this is because Rosetta Stone has litigation or copy write protection on lesson delivery, but this program lacks NO LESSONS. It just throws you in with a bunch of words from different categories. No rhyme or reason. I spent an hour exploring the categories and looking over the vocabulary - the vocabulary is extensive but the soft ware lacks a proper delivery method. It also has a poor tracking system for your progress. I would say use free software before committing to this. Or save up the money for a better version if there is one. The DVD is just okay as well. No serious commitment.

  • Elizabeth S. Fisher - I am now indestructible

    When I received this, I wasn't sure what it was. The package was a 12 by 12 steel box. when I used my laser cutter to slice through the strange super-metal, the box was filled with concrete. after chiseling away the concrete, a ball of light started to float from the center. After transforming into some kind of vortex, a figure stepped out. mist flowed everywhere. when it cleared, Chuck Norris was standing in front of me. I was in awe, until he said he was a clone of Chuck from Jupiter, which in the year 2022 would become the planet that Chuck Norris traveled to and set up his empire. He took me through the vortex, and we appeared to be outside of the galaxy. Jupiter had a large area that had Chuck Norris's face on it. Clone Chuck said that Chuck Norris carved it out himself. We then teleported to the surface of the planet and I saw in all his glory, Chuck Norris himself. He handed me a package, which I realized to be the true parent child testing product. when I grabbed it, I was transported to the core of the sun. I wondered why I was not incinerated, until I realized that being in the mere presence of Chuck Norris had left me with indestructible skin. I knew that the true test was getting back to earth. As I navigated through the stars, I saw suns that make our sun look like a dim lightbulb. I was still not even singed by their immense heat. I landed safely, and told my neighbors, my co-workers, and relatives what I had experienced. They put me in an asylum years ago, and that is where I am now. I know that someday Chuck Norris will free me! *Insane laughter*