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  • BobOki - Great easy to read LARGE calendar. Had a few bubbles on the sides cut open when they cut the bubble wrap. Great calendar still!

    There is only one problem I had with this calendar, and that is that some of the bubbles on the far edges were cut when they cut the bubblewrap. I think we had 4 of them total that were cut, so no pop. The rest is great, calendar is HUGE, easy to read and comes with reminder stickers. Dates of import are already marked, holidays, etc and are easy to read. The bubbles that were not broken, the other 98%, make a good loud pop sound and the entire calendar will go great on a wall for anyone that really loves bubble wrap.

  • sowhat - Christie Brinkley Recapture 360 night beauty

    c'mon people... if your concerned about lines on your face.. Go to a plastic surgeon and have injections of Juvaderm..this ain't going to do anything but make Brinkley richer. remember this "when your reproductive years are over, nature is thru with you" Then it's maintain and do the best you can with what you have

  • David Lautz - heavy on maintainance

    I have been a home builder for 28 years and have been responsible to select products for my clients that will be reliable and trouble free. They must also have a good warranty and reliable service from the manufacturer. (example Anderson window company) In June of 2011 my wife and I moved into a "green" home we had built for ourselves and installed a Navien NR-240A

  • ToolNut102 - Dangerous - creates false sense of security

    Unknown as to how effective this product is at virus detection/prevention/cleanup. It is useless against adware and many forms of malware. Browser hijacks, etc. from adware are considered acceptable (per Webroot tech support), so they don't search for or remove these infections. Several malware fragments were not found by Webroot, whereas other products were at least able to find the malware.