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  • Reel ‘Em In ~ Saxx Underwear | Lingerie Briefs ~ by Ellen Lewis - This past Friday my husband and I were at the Cabo San Lucas Marina when the daily weigh in began for the richest sport fishing tournament in the world, the Bisbee Black and Blue. The overall purse stood at $3.5 million. I didn’t see the entire thing, though I heard the winning marlin was 537 lbs.
  • The Art of Illusion ~ Tatu Couture | Lingerie Briefs ~ by Ellen Lewis - Having owned a lingerie boutique for nearly a decade, I still look at new lingerie collections in terms of what I would or would not carry in my shop. Every now and then there’s a brand that I just know my customers would have loved, and that I would have had fun promoting
  • Bridal Brain ~ Pleasure State | Lingerie Briefs ~ by Ellen Lewis - I had so much difficulty organizing this post; visual, technical and creative issues gave me blog brain. I began to think about all the choices a bride has to make between her engagement and honeymoon.

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  • Jennifer S Garraton - Great buy!

    Love this product, it fits perfectly to the Uppa Baby Stroller Vista and it holds a bottle of water, cellphone and car keys without falling.

  • M. Harris - Poorly made, difficult to install, does not fit in Toyota Highlander

    Poorly made - the seat frame is made of cheap light plastic that does not seem like it will hold up in a crash. The buckle sticks and is hard to unlatch when installed. I seem to be one of the few who do not think that the fabric is "luxurious," it feels cheap and the cover is no easier to remove than any other car seat cover. I was sorely disappointed with the install - there are no built in levels, and after more than an hour my husband and I were still not able to get this car set level. We have a Toyota Highlander. Returning for the Chicco NextFit.

  • Chantel Walden - It Works!

    This product isnt going to give a person with a flat butt to Kim Kardashian's rear end however, this product works! After 2 weeks my rear was fuller and now after a month of use I can say it is both more rounder and fuller in appearance. My fiance has noticed the difference too. This was without excercise. Im just now starting to incorporate squats and lunges for even better results but ladies this product is worth a try! I use the lotion twice daily, 1 of the pills a day as suggested, and take 2 maca pills a day. All natural and all work.

  • Michael Christly - More than you expect!

    I got more than I was expecting. It has every aspect of Microsoft Exchange 2010. There is nothing left out. If you can do it with Exchange this book tells you about it, and the best practice need to accomplish said task. As precaution, this is not a punch list of if you do "xyz" you are in best practices. This book presents the options of the best practice in that configuration, and it is up to you the administrator to interpret and apply it to your environment. The book references invaluable tools need to accomplish your daily duties, and including tools that are needed when upgrading from previous versions of exchange. This book has so much in-depth detail that you might be overwhelmed. The content I would consider to be at a level 300 or 400. This is not a book for a beginning administrator unless you seek in-depth detail about every aspect of Microsoft Exchange.

  • ChiefBDT - BlueDevil

    I was skeptical, very skeptical, even after reading all the positive reviews. I have a 1977 F-250 that I have lovingly restored (in other words poured a ton of money and time into), it developed a leak somewhere and I was loosing coolant. It wasnt leaking onto the ground so I figured it must be going out the exhaust. I just didn't have the time to tear down the motor to find the problem. I purchased this product out of desperation and honestly thought I had waisted $65. In my mind this kind of problem just can't be fixed this easily.