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  • Chris W - Finally form, function and fashion combined!

    I've tried several waterproof biking bags for commuting on a bike in the Portland rain. They were all HUGE, for one thing - I'm a 5'1 woman. And they were also just basically big cavernous rubber tanks for another. What I really really appreciate about this bag is that it has just the right amount of obviously well thought-out partitions, pouches and zippered pockets for organization too, while still being waterproof. C'mon I'm using this thing as a purse too, not scuba gear.

  • S. Vonasek - very flimsy

    For costing $17 per sheet pan, I expected WAY more. These were more flimsy than a cheap pan! Very shiny, but not good!

  • Sr Storm - good new features, great product

    I upgraded to Microsoft Word 2010 from Word 2000, so I can sympathize with those reviewers who complain that the new interface is hard to learn. In fact, because of their comments, I decided not even to try using Word 2010 right away for productivity. Instead, I took an hour or more to simply play around with it, trying fun new things, to see what this new program can do, and where to find the menu items. Even then, it does take some time to learn your way around the new interface, as you start to use it. In addition, I would recommend browsing through a simple book, to even further help you learn your way around, and possibly avoid some frustration.

  • Pete L. - Doesn't really hold much. Opt for a bigger bag ...

    Doesn't really hold much. Opt for a bigger bag if you have more than a marker, tank, hopper and a few pods and belt.

  • CHARLES E FORD JR - At least as good as ESET but less expensive

    I started with PCMatic on one computer. At first I was a little disappointed because I didn't see any improvement and it seemed to drag the system down during the first half hour with scans and or changes. But eventually it improved and I have it on three computers. It has been a year since I initially tried it. Previously, I used ESET. ESET was OK but more expensive and there is no sign I have sacrificed quality.