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  • Wakow_Chollema - Complete Junk. The firewall are blocking things that it's ...

    Complete Junk. The firewall are blocking things that it's not supposed to even though the rules are set to allow access. It even blocked my printer, prevent any of my home network PC to see each other, stopped my team viewer and other services etc. All were set to allow access in the firewall rules. Once I disabled the firewall, then everything is back to normal. Do not buy this.

  • Jerry d - Worked For Me

    After adding it to my oil, it took ~3 days and no more leaks. I had the rear main leaking so I got this versus a general seal leak as they said it works 95% - Worked for me!

  • Amazon Customer - Great Product

    This is exactly what I wanted for the CRV. Eight screws, easy install and saves a couple hundred bucks against Honda doing the same thing. Five minutes of easy work. And they look great.

  • cutter - I love this game

    I love this game, but after a goal is scored, they don't show the time during the ensuing kick off which is ultra annoying. It's been like this forever though.