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  • ArunR - Perfect for my needs

    This thing worked like a charm. Keep in mind , it wont last days. I think its good for an event or something and don't get too sweat. I will 100% buy this product again. I still have some applications to go. This lasted about 3months for me, depends on the size of the area being applied too i guess.

  • Rebecca - Best Fillament Ever

    Love this product. Not once has it failed. IC3D has EXCELLENT customer service and are very helpful. I use it in my small 3D printing business and will continue to use their products. I highly recommend it.

  • DL Riley - Awful

    The stories presented here are insulting to children's intelligence. Art is either MSpaint or clip art from Google images. 0/10

  • Len Mison - it's a must read for everyone who love this world

    A very interesting study of the !%. almost unbelievable, and horrendous story, it's a must read for everyone who love this world,

  • USMel - It's okay I guess, I could not get mine ...

    It's okay I guess, I could not get mine coded because the vehicle was not "programmed" for keyless entry. Had to get an after-market unit installed.

  • Front & Center - New Quicken User

    Like a few other earlier posts, I was a longtime Microsoft Money user seeking a new personal finance application. My primary concern was how the migration of data from MS Money-to-Quicken would fare.

  • Sandra Hand - Gold Bond Ultimate Healing Skin Moisturizer

    This moisturizer is one of the best that I have ever used, and the price is within reason. Would buy it again and receiving it was very quick.