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  • Kathy - Doesn't work !!!!!

    If I could give 0 stars, I would. Neither charger worked. We tried them with multiple phones - a 6s, a 5s and a 6 plus - and these chargers didn't work for any of the units. Not worth the time or hassle to return, so I'm out 10 bucks. Worthless!!

  • Mysticrose - A Real Life Transforming Book That Everyone Needs To Read!

    I have been a fan of Shane's for many years now. When I found out about his new release, Over The Counter Natural Cures, I could not wait to order it and read it! I have a collection of over 200 books in my holistic library and i have read them all, taken what I want and have left the rest, but there is something about Shane,his knowledge and his ability to write a book in a way that everyone will understand that sets him apart from other author's of books of this nature. I soon came to realize that this was not like my other books that I have read and stuck in my bookcases. There was information in this book that I had never heard of before...information that could and ultimatly would transform my life!!

  • dede - Best option if not breast.

    was a bit concerned at first that this one was causing the baby diarrhea but learned it was just her body working and it tapered off after a week. I used Enfamil on all 4 of my children since I didn't produce enough and have had no issues with this change in formula for newborns. wish they made it when my others were little.

  • Evelyn S. Lynn - Super friendly, super aggressive salespeople.

    I just spent over $400 at the Westfield Mall in Annapolis buying Orogold products. I am 66 years old and have dry, aging skin. Yes, the super aggressive salesman cajoled me into the store, which I admit, was my own fault, knowing what was in store for me. I am a strictly Burt's Bees person for many years. I hope the products work as presented, as I spent over an hour of precious Christmas shopping time with Sergey, a very likable and charming salesman. The upside to all this is this: I never have spent much time or money on my skin, and just being with him made me realize that maybe I should be doing more to take care of my skin. So now I will definitely research the best skin products out there!

  • Chandler Bechtel - Typos, wrong answers, and foolishness

    This book is SWARMING in typos, wrong answers, and even gives wrong formulas. (EX: Percent = whole / part) You have to double check ALL of your work because they have wrong answers. I've never seen such horrible editting. I've counted over 15 typos / misprints. It does have 2 practice tests, but even those questions have typos and grammatical errors. Don't buy, get another brand.