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  • LizzyLiz - Halitosis suffer's dream

    I tried this mouthwash and really liked it, although I definitely can't give it a 5 star rating because it doesn't prevent morning breath like it says it will on the bottle. At least not for me anyways (I have halitosis). I used it at night and had exactly the same bad morning breath as always. BUT on a positive note I do feel that it did something extra for me that other mouthwashes didn't do, which is neutralize the bad breath instead of just masking it. Ohh and btw, it will get rid of garlic breath instantly! I use it twice a day and then at night I usually just use regular listerine mouth wash because it's cheaper. I can't say that the effect of Therabreath lasts all day because if you eat something you may still feel the need to pop a mint/gum etc. Unless your eating something really bland. Over all tho this is an amazing product. It will keep your breath wayyyy fresher than any other mouthwash out there. My breath stays fresh for hours! I haven't tried any of the other prodcuts like breathrx or anything like that. I have been wanting to try them all out for the heck of it. Ohh and btw I tried the Therabreath toothpaste and hated it. Tastes horrible (like the gel on crest whitening strips! weird!) and made my teeth very sensitive.

  • Kellea Poore - Just Like The Original, But With Two Extra Features

    My husband and I wanted to get some board games to play with our 6 year old and 4 year old. After looking through all the board games I remembered as a child, we bought Sorry! along with a couple of others. So far our children love the game. If you're aware of the original game from decades ago, the only difference between this version and the other is they've added a "fire" and "ice" feature (two little rings.. nothing electronic). We haven't used the fire and ice aspects, yet, since we wanted to make sure our children could understand the basic principles of the original game. After 1 full game was played they understood the rules so we'll add fire and ice next time.

  • Mineralman - sold on [...] website but really made in China

    I purposely went on the site to order a baking sheet that was MADE IN THE USA. I don't like the idea of baking my food with a pan that is made where the regulatory standards are, in my opinion, subpar to what I would like to use and ingest. Once on that site, I selected this pan and then was referenced over to Amazon for purchase, I was pleased about as I am a Prime member. However, when I received the pan in the mail and unwrapped it... it said right on the label MADE IN CHINA. The website says to report abuse. I am assuming merchants such as this one will try to fool customers who think that they are buying American products but are really made in China!!! I went back on the site this morning to report the abuse but the pan was not listed there, interesting. Perhaps they received other complaints? Either way, if you are looking for Made in America products, I do not recommend this one. Plus, it appeared to be smaller that what I thought it would be.

  • Happy - Good product, but ...

    We have used many bottles of this and so far my girls haven't picked up any lice. However, I recently had a friend tell me to research effects of tea tree oil (which is in this product) and lavender on children. Her daughter's endocrinologist said it can cause early puberty in boys and girls.