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  • michelle - great product to jump start your weight loss journey

    Its a good tool to jump start your weight loss. After the 14 day fast, i will move on as the product is expensive & i prefer small meals throughout the day. I lost 10lbs the 1st three days.however I have 65lbs to go so the more you weigh the faster it'll come off. I was hungry after about 2 hrs of drinking the shake. I had headaches too. It wasnt real unbareable bcuz i am determined to lose weight again! The first week I made mine with almond milk, tsp unsweeten cocoa, 2 tsp olive oil & 8 tbsp of Almased. Next week I Will try water only as they say best results with water.

  • emily simon - best show evah

    best show evah! love the ghetto white trash family!my fav character is totally Lip :-) i wish they gave us more then just the first episode of the 7th season, such a tease.. UGH.

  • Amazon Customer - Too small for tall guys

    Definitely too small for my 6'5" husband. The answered questions convinced me they should work, but it's just not realistic, he even looked silly in it. Just tried to return them as they've been sitting around in the box and discovered yesterday was the last day to return, ugh.

  • ThursdayNext - Pretty good

    I don't know what everyone is complaining about regarding the setup, it was incredibly fast and simple. My guess, people don't know what they're doing. But I was displeased that this product uses a 2.4Ghz wireless radio which I personally cannot work with because I have too many other network signals around me in that band and it causes significant interference. So much so that it reduces the speed to less than 20Mbps. Still a good product for the price, and the touch screen was very cool. Ended up returning it, but can't say it was all bad

  • Sarah L - My animals and family thank you

    Our furry family consists of 6 cats and a dog - all indoor/outdoor. We have consistently used Frontline Plus for fleas and ticks and it has always worked but in mid-summer this year I noticed all of my animals were suffering from a major outbreak of fleas, and I knew there were fleas in my house (how could there not be?) because I was getting bit also. I asked my vet if he had heard anybody else complaining about fleas, and he suggested FleaBusters Rx. He also discovered that other people in Maine were having issues with Frontline Plus not working on fleas, and even Frontline acknowledged a problem with the product in our state. However, I had already given my animals their monthly dose of Frontline a couple weeks earlier and was unable to re-dose them for a couple more weeks but I knew I had to do something to start the process of ridding my house and animals of fleas and wanted to do something that time-wise was consistent.

  • jennider - Good reading

    I loved how Ramsey got his self together n man up to do right with Emma. Kills should have a book for her.