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  • Beauty and Healing - Definitely can feel a positive difference

    All I can say is thank goodness for this product.My symptoms hit like a sledge hammer. Almost overnight I had chin hair, restless sleep, hot flashes and overwhelming stress. While some people go through hormonal changes gently, there are those of us who crash badly. Soy isoflavones and black cohosh saved my life. While these herbs may not be the entire solution, they got me through a VERY difficult time. Eventually I started bio-identical hormone treatment, but at very low levels for safety reasons. This product is the little extra push that my body needs to really feel right. While it doesn't have a strong enough dosage of herbs for the worst symptoms, it is perfect for complimenting other solutions such as bio-identicals, exercise and diet. I've studied herbal remedies for many years, so I was excited to receive a complementary bottle for review. Besides the soy and cohosh this formula contains damiana, pomegranate, don quai and shatavari. While this product can't do everything, the difference it makes is quite noticeable if you are a hormone sufferer.

  • Anna - Definitely worth it! Bass is surprisingly clear as well.

    Amazing headphones for the price! These are my first bluetooth earphones, and they make working out at the gym or cleaning my room while listening to music much more hassle free, now that I don't always have to be tied to my phone through cords. The back of the earphone pieces are magnetic so you can fold and carry them easily in a pouch :)

  • Whoever - I am having the most horrible reaction to this

    See below for my original 1-star review, which I've decided to edit months later to be fair. I had a bad reaction but I now realize it was my own fault. I wasn't cautious enough, and I didn't immediately stop when my skin was reacting badly. I was too brave and greedy for things to happen. Go in slow, and be cautious. Once my skin reaction cleared up (THANK YOU ALOE GEL) I continued using this, but much more cautiously. I figured, it affected me because it was working. It's not just snake oil. Now I just use small amount every other night, mixed with my night cream, and my skin feels fine. I have no idea how much it's re-newing my skin, but I assume it is because it's obviously powerful stuff.

  • Cacoder - Great workbook.

    Carol Buck is a great teacher and anything she touches will help you. She is such a great teacher and it shows in her workbooks, her step by step manual, or her version of the ICD codes.

  • Winston E. Kole - McAfee 2014 Total Protection Software

    I've been using McAfee Total Protection Software for my home computers (3) for the past several years, and have found the McAfee product to meet all of my internet protection needs. It is easy to load, user-friendly, and runs quietly and efficiently in the background without slowing my computers down significantly. I'm a satisfied customer. However, in years past, I've always purchased the CD version, in case I had to reload for some reason throughout the covered year. This year, I expected to receive another CD, as the picture on the web looked like all of the McAfee boxes of the past. Upon arrival, I found that this product utilized a plastic card - not unlike a credit card - to enable me to load the new product. I was quite skeptical at first, and nearly sent it back. However, sometimes "change is good", so I tried it - it worked flawlessly, and I continue to be a satisfied customer. Thank you, McAfee for your fine product, and thank you, Amazon for providing this product at a reasonable price. Nicely done!

  • Edward Henline - My favorite part about this pepper/salt mill is that you can operate it with one hand.

    My favorite part about this pepper/salt mill is that you can operate it with one hand. And you can easily operate one so I can hold the plate in my hand upon her whatever but it is all in and just squeeze the trigger and then put it back down. So this is great for people cook a lot to keep near the stove. Also it seems well-made and is easy to use and you can't get much easier to fill the how this is there's a rubber seal of the top is lifted up and pour in the salt or the pepper. I also like it you can adjust how fine it grinds I have had some that you adjust this at all. I would like to acknowledge that I received this product to test for free or at a discounted price in exchange for an honest review. This does not influence my opinion about the product or its quality. I really do try to give you a fair and honest review from a person who is just your average guy. I will answer any questions that I have learned about the product.