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  • Summer E Tullier - Top of the line, versatile can or bottle holder. Works just like the *other* one!

    Love this thing! I am a canned soft drink addict, ahem, I mean connoisseur. :-) I have used every size, shape and material coozie, or can holder that's ever been sold. This one is definitely unique. Most people would probably compare it to the very top of the line name brand stainless steel can holder. And I actually have BOTH, so I can say confidently that I like this one JUST as well, if not better. This one actually has more uses b/c of the tapered bottom. It will hold a bottle beverage as well as your typical 12-ounce can. This DOES keep drinks very cold for an hour or more. However, my beverages get drank so fast that I didn't push the limits very much. In any event, this is a great can or bottle holder. It doesn't sweat at all. It retains the cold (or heat) so well that it doesn't make my hands cold (or hot). I think I may even use a little monogram machine to put my initials on it b/c I've had several people try to claim it already. Buy with confidence.

  • stephie - Nothing added, tastes great

    These are the best. Their ingredients? Potatoes, butter and sea salt. That's it. No preservatives, no artificial anything, no coloring, nothing besides potato, butter, and salt. That's why I like these potatoes. And, I can make only the amount I want per meal and save the rest, wrapped/sealed in the fridge for another time. I make these simply by adding boiled water and stirring to the consistency desired. Paired with something like