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  • phil - Awesome Product!

    I have used several stop oil leaks products and this one is the only one that done what it claims.I have a 1998 Toyota Sienna with a 240000 plus miles on it and i bought this thru desperation on my bad oil leak problem and i actually had to used 1 quart of oil a week to compensate the leak. With this product it stop the leak on the 2 or 3 days. I am impressed.

  • PZF85J - Less and less interesting ...

    I have every Walt Logmire full book in my Library (plus some of the leftover short stories). The last real good story was "As The Crow Flies", that's no. 8. After that: decline begun. Now, with "An Obvious Fact" and from my point of view we have reached an all time low.

  • Kat Gaskill - I have really enjoyed the overall look and fun aspect.

    Try it you will have a great time. Also, they give you chips every 3 hours, what a wonderful aspect this is for your enjoyment..


    Read this before you vote Nov 8 people. It's VERY eye opening. You will find out what I mean once you read this book.

  • Amazon Customer - A good choices for purchasing books!

    Good purchase for me. My book arrived in no time. Quality in service and the condition of my book is excellent.

  • M. Terry - Won't consistently track my riding. Routinely cuts in and ...

    Won't consistently track my riding. Routinely cuts in and out. I've tried replacing batteries, resetting, etc. and nothing helps. This is my 3rd computer from Shimano, two different models purchased at the same time. All have had to get returned because of the same problem. Unfortunately pricepoint, where I purchased this, won't refund my money - only send a new POS computer. I would avoid this brand all together and go with someone more established with computers that work.

  • R.Sojka - Very wordy and descriptive of the TV industry

    Could have bee written in 100 pages instead of 6000. Has some interesting facts about the 60 plus years of the spotlight.