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  • Preston Skaggs - Don't bother

    I had to send the stupid thing back. Luckily Amazon makes it easy to do. We used it twice and each time it got way too hot on the low setting. Husband put a pot roast on low and it was done 2 1/2 hours later, and like rubber. Emailed the company, they stated that low and high are the same temp and some yada yada about cooking cycles. They had me test the temp of just water after 4 hours on high. 200 degrees. I guess that is what it should be, but as an additional test, I put the crock on warm, came back an hour later, and the water was 210 degrees. So it just continued to get even hotter, while on warm. Company says nothing is wrong. I just gave up and sent it back. EDIT:This was actually the review of my wife. I don't have a husband :-)

  • Rehoboth2000 - Great product

    Received item within 48 hours after placing order online. The product arrived with not problems. It is a sturdy product built of good quality. I was pleasantly surprised. After a few hints from the online blog, got the crossbar and cargo carrier mounted within 30 minutes. Ready to go on a skii trip to Vermont. Great product. I was quoted list price of $210 for the OEM product. This was half the price and very well built.

  • Lily - Great Math Section

    The math section gave really good tricks. The vocab section was great with all the latin roots as well. However, the critical reading section was lacking.

  • btflnvy - Great early children's book, cute illustrations.

    This book is a great way to show children that all of our differences are relative. Young children and early alone readers would enjoy this book best. Illustrations were great and the book is short enough to hold toddlers and Pre-K attention spans.

  • gshoes - Nice Lightweight Stroller

    I took my G-Lite for a full day trip to NYC today and I'm overall very impressed with it. My trip involved two New Jersey Transit trains, a subway ride, and a long walk.

  • Kobe Latta - Beautiful.

    The packaging for this product was super nice like it came in a box that just felt high quality, before even opening the box I knew this would be perfect. It came with applicators that I used to put it on my iPhone and even if you look closely you cannot even tell that it is there, definitely will buy again for my girlfriend once she gets hers.