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  • Jinna - This mirror is so much better that our previous one

    This mirror is so much better that our previous one. Now we can see the entire carseat and easily adjust the angle so we will be able to see two carseats once baby number 2 arrives this month. My toddler loves it too and it keeps him entertained in the car

  • kflynn - Cheaply made

    Very cheaply manufactured and causing all sorts of blisters. I would avoid and stick with a shoe that you can try on first.

  • Amazon Customer - Great Resource for Children's Authors

    New to self-publishing children's books. This book was very helpful with some great information. Would highly recommend it to anyone who is new to writing children's books.

  • Boricua Mom - I love when I spend my hard-earned money on stuff and ...

    This stuff works!!! Our cats had the flea season from hell last year!! Nothing was working. I used this around my house. Poof! Fleas were gone!!! I love when I spend my hard-earned money on stuff and it actually works. Right on Fleabusters! I will be buying more this year!

  • mojambo - Getting worse every year

    Perhaps it is silly to review last years edition to this wonderful line of books, but I felt it was necessary. I used to love the Guiness World Records book when I was a kid, and looked forward to getting one every Christmas. I purchased this as a sort of gag-gift for my girlfriend, but I was also somewhat excited to re-light that fire from my childhood. Unfortunately, that did not happen, as this was the sorest of sore disappointments that I've experienced recently. The book is rather underwhelming, the graphics are uninteresting, and the records are really not impressive. The only one that I remember (simply for the sheer stupidity) is "most baked beans eaten in 120 seconds with a toothpick". We had a good laugh at that, but opted not to take it with us during the move, I wouldn't want the movers to waste precious time and back strength carrying this disappointment.

  • E. Cutler - Quicken Rental Property Manager 2010

    It does not come with instructions or phone support and it is not a very user friendly software package. If you never used quicken I would think twice about purchasing it.