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  • Collin'sMom - Awesome - with paticular applying technique

    I am 42 years old with 3a - 3b hair - it is past my shoulder almost to my bra-line length with long layers. I am white and my hair has sections of s-type curls from fairly tight to wavy underneath. I have A LOT of is extremely thick and somewhat course. I have been looking for a product all my life that would provide curl definition without being crunchy or wet looking, control frizz, last for more than just the first day and have a minimal amount of build-up. I believe my search may be over as this product seems to fit all of these parameters. I have only used it I will update this review if anything changes.

  • M. Woo - Hurts hands

    I love it. I bought this at REI after staying the night at a hotel in Tennessee where the water tasted so metallic I could hardly brush my teeth. The filter was probably overkill, meaning the Tap version might have been good enough. However, I love it. We used it and used it, and even good tasting tap water tasted awesome after using the filter.

  • Jose L. - Adding Technology

    The best and cheaper option to add technology to the car. But also the quality is more than expected.

  • Jay Em - Stay away from the 'official' site, they keep taking money from your account

    I ordered this through the 'official' website for my teenage son. There was NO OBVIOUS way to order without giving them permission to ding my credit card and send another 'convenient, automatic' shipment to me every 30 days thereafter. When I called the 800# that appeared on my checking account statement I was told that when I placed the initial order it told me I was signing up for 'automatic delivery.' Most likely this is so, but it was NOT prominently displayed, nor was there a way to 'opt out' online, instead one must CALL and speak with an operator to cancel their 'convenient' automatic shipping arrangement.

  • Alex - Excellent purchase!

    The generator arrived fast! I ordered it on Thursday morning and it arrived the next day at 3pm! I knew two day shipping was fast, but it seems like Amazon gave me one day shipping for free! The generator isn't really heavy, weighing about 93lbs it's relatively easy for one person to move/carry it. I was surprised at the quality and build of this generator, especially since the cost was so little. I paid $270 for the generator, with tax and everything it came down to less than $300, whilst comparable generators cost an easy $500. The running wattage is 3,300 and the peak wattage is 4,000 which is plenty for surving a power outage. It seems that Seattle always seems to lose power for 2-3 days each winter, and because of last year's storm where I was out of electricity for 5 days, I decided to finally purchase a generator. Straight out of the box all you need to do is remove the shipping brace, put in 20 ounces of 10w-30 oil, add gas and you're set! I had a quart of synthetic oil that I use in my car which is the same kind of oil that the generator requires, so that was very convenient that I didn't have to go out and buy anything special for it. The generator has two standard 120v outlets and one 30 amp twist lock outlet. I attached an extension cord to the generator and put in a surge protector/power strip. I was able to power both of my refrigerators, a 55 inch HDTV, Playstation 3, lights and a 1,500 watt heater all at once! So this will be perfect for when the power goes out as I can power the bare essentials along with some extras. Of course you want to make sure that your maximum wattage is equal to or less than 3,300 watts, with 700 watts available for peak output (for the fridges)

  • Stella Carrier - 2014 Grammy Medley

    I purchased this Grammy Awards 2014 cd around at least 3-4 months ago at my Walmart job. There are 18 songs on this cd from some of today’s popular artists across various music genres. For instance, the GrammyAwards 2014 cd starts out with the “Locked Out of Heaven” pop/rock song by Bruno Mars and ends with the contemporary country song “Take A Little Ride” by Jason Aldean. Grammy Awards 2014 is great for those who like to listen to an eclectic range of music by various artists.

  • feltod - Great fit

    I have a 2015 Honda Accord and the fit is the best I have experienced from several different Weather Tech floor mats I have purchased for different cars over the last 15 years.