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  • Kathy Grace - Sticks wonderfully, but didn't lighten much

    Dang, reading these other reviews, I feel like a freak. I agree with everything the other reviewers have said regarding the stickiness: these strips do hold much better than the old ones, and are quite unobtrusive. I have somewhat prominent canines, but had no problem wrapping the strip around them and tucking it into the crevices between teeth.

  • Sara Chronister - My brand for life!

    I love this shampoo! I'm 39 but have started going through menopause. One of the changes is that a section of my hair feels ratty, dry, and tangly after I shampoo it. Just one section. One day, I stayed at a hotel that had this brand in its rooms and after I used it I noticed that my hair didn't feel horrible! It's the only shampoo I've found that makes my hair feel like it did before I started menopause. I have no idea why; I probably wouldn't understand even if someone explained it. I just know that I'm very happy that I stayed at that hotel and found this shampoo.

  • K. G. Schneider - Good, but runs hot

    As others noted, this does run "hot," even with large batches. I made a huge batch of sauerbraten and put it on low -- it was done in less than 6 hours (falling-apart done). To be "set and forget," the low setting needs to be, well, LOW. It will still be very useful for a lot of my cooking, such as large batches of bolognese or chicken stock, but for anything to cook overnight or while I'm at work, I'll need another cooker. I've owned several slow cookers over the years, and this one isn't slow enough.

  • Graeme - As expected for the price. Copied software which does ...

    As expected for the price. Copied software which does not allow password entering. The video and sound do work, but unable to change any settings due to software.

  • Wayne00 - Looooove it!

    So i first saw this game on my dads phone which he randomly downloaded, so when we were at a store, i stayed in the car to play it. IT BLEW MY MIND!!! i started off just doing the really easy level at the bottom of the map screen. but as soon as i got used to it more, i went on to some harder ones and i did great but i also noticed the amazing models for the white stag and so on.the main reason for this comment is how amazing this game is. you can start getting better and moving along while also recieving enough money to keep up with the pace.long story short, best hunting game ever!my only regret about the game would have to be the energy system. if that wasnt there, you could spend hours on end playing this game.except for that, once again, best hunting game ever!

  • B. Preston - BEST purchase for early riser toddler

    Our son was waking up at 5am, sometimes as early as 4:30am. Way too early in our household! He had been a 7am riser which is much more our style. When we started using this clock, my son was still working on talking but he understood red lights and green lights when we drove in the car so I thought this would be a concept he would understand. We started setting the clock at 6am. The first few mornings he woke up before his light had turned green. We would go in his room (he's in a crib still) and let him know he couldn't get up until it turned green. He wasn't happy but after a few days he got it! Once he understood the concept, we started setting the clock later and later until we got him back to 7am! This clock has literally been a lifesaver. We have an infant daughter too and my son who is very loud was waking everyone in the house.

  • J. RUSSELL - Great device if used correctly

    This mini pc was purchased for use in a business where we needed Remote Desktop Client to access applications hosted by a server. For this purpose, the Stick 300 seems to be working out great. It ships with Windows 10 Home, which does not allow you to add to a domain. I upgraded this to 10 Pro and it was fairly painless. I did not need any additional drive for the install to occur, as it is done online like an ordinary Windows update. After installing Office 2010 and a few other smaller programs, the available free space is nearly 7 GB. The Wi-Fi connected quickly and is strong when most other wireless devices get a weak signal from the position this currently sits in the office. I also added a 3 port USB hub with ethernet jack, which improves network speed.