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  • B. John - Grille is as shown, Well worth it.

    Product arrived as shown. Time was faster than expected. 5 days like the other posters say. This grille did come with the clips for mounting. I have not yet install the grille as i am spray lining it and will do the grille update with mess also. Looks great so far and am happy with the quality. I would recommend this to others.

  • Kilo Juliett - Fenix PD32UE

    Overall its a pretty good light. Its very floody (could be good or bad depending on what you want) so don't expect to get much range but on burst mode you can see decently far due to the raw power. It also has a neutral tint which I like. Build quality is also good.

  • ej719 - All the power of Vitamix at half the price!

    I'd been considering a Vitamix, but my old blender bit the dust so I was forced into buying sooner than I expected, with a tighter budget. Good thing, too, or I'd have never found the Ninja Mega Blender! This baby is powerful. I make smoothies every day. I used to have to chop whole fruits pretty small and let frozen fruits thaw a bit before blending, but with the Ninja I can just toss everything in there and blend it up in seconds. (I do recommend cutting large fruits into manageable pieces, and removing cores/seeds) I use the single-serve tumblers not just for smoothies, but for delicious milkshakes, frozen latte or chai, salad dressings, salsa, and to chop small amounts of onion or vegetables for cooking. My favorite use so far is for fresh, homemade hummus. Pennies on the dollar compared to store-bought.

  • Luna - Excellent Sound Quality - Very Crisp & Clear. Compared To Standard Earbud Headphones, Heavy Bass Sounds Much 'Cleaner'.

    These headphones are.... interesting, not exactly what I imagined they'd be like - but regardless, they are overall still excellent.

  • Erin - Nice little phone charger.

    Nice little phone charger! It's always hard to find anything with Apple's name on it at a decent price. This charger does the job at a good price

  • James E. Cook - An excellent source for any photographer!

    Bought this for my Photographer Partner and can say there is a lot of detail in the book. A lot to read, but very valuable information on the Market and exactly how to submit stuff.