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  • motorx - murad resurgence renewing eye cream

    read about this product in a magazine and wanted to try it. at sephora near me it was about $30 more, out of my range of 'try and see'. the mag explained two kinds of under eye darkness - and this product addresses the type i have. after using this product twice a day for about 3 weeks, the shadow under my eyes seems less noticeable, and it doesn't irritate my skin, works well under makeup.

  • EllaR - Useless

    It was delivered leaking in the box: there was a hole from which the shampoo was leaking. I still used it : it is no better than 1 dollar shampoo from Kmart. This shampoo, I suspect, it not real Peter Thomas. I first used it while staying at Hilton and loved it. This is far from that experience. Will not recommend it.

  • San Antonio - NOT BLUE INK

    I rarely write bad reviews because Amazon is usually amazing. But I have ordered and returned this item two times and it keeps coming back with BLACK ink - it is supposed to be BLUE ink. Now, I've returned it again, and the replacement just never showed up. Very disappointing. The pen itself is absolutely beautiful -- I just needed blue ink, and since that's what it said it was, that's why I'm rating it so low. :(

  • M. Kyle - A great read for anyone concerned about the well-being of this country and the world.....

    This book is by the same Progressive Talk Show host who forewarned his listeners and viewers about an impending economic crash back in 2007. It took it about 18 months to materialize, but I parked 85% of my investments after weighing the evidence of what he was saying, and was SO much better off for it. He doesn't just spout off for the sake of saying something. He is very thought provoking and quite insightful, which is why I podcast his 3 hour show 5 days a week, and listen to it at work the next day, everyday!

  • yaseen. - aVOID

    slimquikc supressed my appetite completely but my heart rate was going crazy i felt so dizzy and the physiological symptoms make it not worth it. the after taste is a whole different story. it did make me not hungry but omg i felt so light headed with it. Dont drink coffe with it at all cuz it will literaly make you shake .