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  • T. Castellano - Fit perfect on my 2014 CRV

    Fit perfect on my 2014 CRV. I know others have complained about them being slightly short, but what you need to do is just start the screws on one side first then put them all of the way in on the opposite side and the rubber internal mounts will stretch to the correct width. They feel solid and look like they will provide years of service

  • Kevinnovator - Foundational Food

    I started taking this several years ago after being impressed by the brochure offered at a health food store. As an avid researcher and interested party in all things health I could quickly see the benefit of this product. It did give me headaches off and on for the first month at 2-4 drops/day but soon afterward I began to feel better and see the decrease in recovery time from my workouts as well as waking up more refreshed. This little guy packs a lot of punch towards helping the body do what its been trying to do, which is build and maintain cell health. Forget all of those so-called energy drinks. Replace them with this for a couple of months and prove me wrong.


    This book is FANTASTIC!!!!! Carry it in the car with you. It helps so much when you are on the go. The choices of foods from different restaurants makes it so easy to stay on the right track. I brought this copy for my brother. He loves it too. We are both diabetics, so we are are happy that we don't have to be frustrated when we are out with others.

  • NJ Book Lover - Killing the neighbor ... with kindness

    Well, I always enjoy Debbie Macomber’s stories.This one was no exception, it is well written, with developed characters.This was a delightful, warm, funny, human story that was perfect as a Christmas story. I don’t know how she continues to come up with unique stories in so many different ways? Always at the heart are the day-to-day struggles and joys that most people experience. Her stories resonate with me and speak to the part of me that wants to be a kinder, better, non-judgmental person. I felt like I was there in the story with Julia and Cain as they go from being annoying/irritating neighbors to friends. I also loved that this story, though there is some romance, the most explicit thing in it were some “curl your toes” kisses.