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  • Raleigh man - Very Nice (but make sure your know how your TV connectors are laid out)

    The Cheetah APTMM2B is a great product, well designed, and easy to install but HDMI cables prevent a key safety feature from kicking in! This excellent (for the right situation) wall mount is ingeniously designed to first hang your TV on a single (top) bar of the wall mount and then, when you’re finished with feeding cables through the hole in the wall, simply pressing the TVs bottom toward the wall causing noticeable clicks that signify latching to the bottom bar. At this point the TV cannot be lifted and therefore cannot be disengaged from eh top bar of the wall hanger.

  • Anirudh Iyengar - Amazing Product, but its far too expensive

    Amazing Product, but its far too expensive. After all its just a plastic body and 3 blades, why on earth are they charging ~40$ for this is beyond my comprehension.

  • YodaMom - Scam Scam Scam Overpriced Scam

    I was grabbed by a woman, talked to like a child, wrangled with deals within deals and questioned about my ability to pay ?!?!? Wow, cheap sales tactics. First I was interested, sure I'm always looking for a better product. The sales women scrubbed my hand so hand trying to get some of the dirt off that she left my skin raw and showed me how dirty my hand was ? Really ? that is called skin Ms. She was bent offer scrubbing like she had a iron pot crusted with burnt food. I listened to her pitch or should I say punch, this was a sales push without any ingredient listings, or tested results, nothing. When I asked about he ingredients I was told that if money was a problem she could make me a deal of just this one bottle and she would throw in these small ample packets as a bonus. I asked about animal testing, I was redirected again to how dirty my skin was just look at my hand, I luckily walked out of there without a purchase and will never go back again or speak to these sales people. My hand the next day, it had three scabs and the skin felt just as supple as the other hand without the cleaning skin removal. This was worth almost $200 ?

  • Caron J Brown - Just what I needed.

    If anyone is new to quickbooks, as I was this was the perfect book to help you out. You learn so many things about the

  • Robert K. - Good armrest. Storage takes a little work.

    It's a pretty good armrest. However, the innards were designed primarily to hold a multi-CD zipper pouch that comes with the console. I had to line the small, shallow front pocket with felt so that loose change wouldn't rattle around. Still trying to see what I might do to make the deeper rear pocket better for holding sunglasses, flashlights, etc. as I keep CDs in the glove compartment.

  • Amazon Customer - A silly conclusion (or at least should be) to a series that had a promising start

    The third book of the series (apparently a fourth is anticipated) continues the decline. In this book the central action is taking place at the highest levels of human and alien societies. The cracks in the world building break the plot up into silly pieces. The writing also seem rather more repetitive than the earlier books. We are building up to a grand confrontation between humans and the scum who had killed half the Earth's population 50 years ago. Our heroes have a special role to play in killing the scum emperor. One of the tensions the book never resolves is that it wants to show the war is awful and always wasteful, but simultaneously show the scum as irredeemably evil. After starting only a couple of years earlier where human technology was vastly inferior to the scum, we find that humans can do even better and the final battle with the scum emperor is resolved by yet another unmotivated deus ex machine. Earlier we have a whole insert where apparently just for the fun of it we meet a new groups of aliens with our heroes seeming recruiting 5 or 6 races to the cause in just a few days while they are marching off to the big battle. Definitely ambassador materiel!