Mehrmad APIs Chemical Co, Ltd - Established in1994,We produce APIs and intermediates, we are one of the biggest manufacturer of pharmaceutical products...APIs:Mepivacaine HCL,(CAS:1722-62-9),Ropivacaine HCL,(CAS:132112-35-7),Bupivacaine HCL,(CAS:14252-80-3),Levobupivacaine HCL,(CAS:27262-48-2),Cinchocaine(Dibucaine) HCL,(C...

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  • Amazon Customer - Best product ever!

    This product has changed my life. If you are lucky enough to have thick hair you won't understand. I started using it a week ago, and I now have it down pat. It looks so natural and is so easy to use. Today was a week since I started using it, and I had 3 people at work tell me they don't know what I'm doing differently but my hair looks great. It's so cool that they think it looks great, but can't put their finger on what I'm doing, because it looks so natural. I will never go a day without this product. In wind, when I sweat it doesn't run or change a bit, it just looks natural and great. I would encourage you to buy this product and feel as good as I do.

  • 7501th - I get the news I need from my weather meter

    Came on time, packet well, works very well,easy to setup. i use it for sailboat racing . Gives me all the data I need. Very happy.

  • SteelersGal4Ever - Useless in my case...

    Didn't do much of anything for me...and after reading about it again, the main thing it would do is prevent graying of my hair, and I happen to LOVE the platinum strands that are coming in! I fare better with hair, skin and nail supplements that cost far less...and have much of the same ingredients in it. I believe I will try Viviscal next time, as it promises much more in the way of hair regrowth!

  • Stephen Lesniak - I've been playing these cd's every time I'm in the ...

    I've been playing these cd's every time I'm in the car for the past week. Well also reading the ARRL extra class book in my free time. My practice tests are now passing.

  • Jason Tyau - I have been loving it so far! The growth ...

    I have been loving it so far! The growth is not long enough for me to notice but it does seem thicker and fuller.I will have to keep using it to see if it will make it longer, which is what I am most interested in. The product doesn't irritate my eyes which I was a little worried about! I received a discount code in exchange for a honest review.

  • Tacy Cloninger - Love it.

    I've tried a lot of products and this is my favorite. I do combine it with a nice leave in conditioner but if i spray it on 4 layers of roots (each side of the had), blow dry it up, flip over blue dry, then lightly ratt with a pic... my hair is up and weightlessly fluffy ALL day. No more hairspray ratted hair. I have long fine hair.

  • Heather Amazon - Fun for dad and a good price

    Not bad, for a make your own kit. I think he was hoping it would be a little more involved and not so easy LOL!