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  • Rachel Salamon - Great idea in theory, piece of garbage in practice

    I bought it to help keep my 5 year old and 2 year old from getting out of bed too early. For 3 days it was great, then the green light stopped working. Because Amazon is great, i returned it and got a replacement. The replacement was good for about 2.5 weeks, then one of the two dots between the hour and minutes went out and it stopped keeping the right time. Also, as a design flaw - the buttons are right in front, so my curious toddler would constantly touch them, which wasn't helpful. I'm sending it back today and buying a regular digital clock for their room. My 5 year old can now tell time and I'll just have to keep dealing with my 2 year old getting up too early. Very disappointed in this clock!

  • Tain L Barzso - Oh my God, it's full of stars.

    When I opened my eyes, I was stunned speechless by the breathtaking clarity; 1080P had transformed into what seemed to be a gateway into something never before imaginable; infinite black, infinite color, and infinite picture. As I watched my own life pass before my eyes, I felt that the cable itself was judging me. I lost track of where the TV began and I ended.

  • Joanna Renee - I really don't like hair removal creams

    After reading the hilarious reviews from guys who've used this on their more sensitive spots, I was careful to not do that. I set my back door on fire, I'd be wishing to have a snowman with an erection take advantage of me too. I really don't like hair removal creams, but this was excellent the very for time I dehaired. I've maintained it so that I don't need to use the cream again, but I was really impressed at the results. Leaves your skin nice and smooth. I gave the remainder of the tube to a friend who was also impressed and may order some for themselves in the future.

  • Alex Ramirez - Hard to install

    I bought this product but could not get to install it. I deactivated the firewalls and antivirus, and it failed ot install. Amazon will not issue a refund, thye send you to intuit. Inuit recquires an uninstal verification to refund, but since it was never installed they don't know how to issue the refund. Don't bother, but the CD instead.

  • Melissa - Very happy with this car seat

    Very happy with this car seat. There are SO many to choose from so it's hard to know what is good. This brand is just better quality though. My daughter is so much more comfortable in this seat than the crappy Graco infant one we had. The only downside is that it is large. It fills my Jeep Grand Cherokee back seat, no problem. I don't see this fitting in small cars. It also gets HOT. But my daughter never seems unhappy about it, she's just sweaty. Overall, very happy with my purchase and glad this will last my daughter a while. Next kid, I hope to get a Maxi Cosi infant seat - they look so much nicer than most on the market!