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  • Electrical Fluke - Quit working after a few months.

    A few of the numbers on the screen stopped working, then a few days later the whole screen went out.

  • Thomas Tee - skin peeling

    The product is working for my type of hair loss but causes my skin to peel. I've had two barbers refuse me thinking I have infection. I have stopped use. Friends and neighbors were asking me about my disease, which was infact my scalp peeling.

  • Melissa J. - Tasty, helpful tea!

    I have been drinking this tea every morning for only a few days so far, as well as taking a Kapha capsule supplement (Ayurveda Body-Type Kapha by Irwin Naturals 90 Softgel) for the same length of time, and I already feel GREAT! I've always had a tendency to feel like my head was a little "foggy", especially lately when I've had a lot of stress and felt a bit depressed. But since drinking this tea and taking the supplement, my mind feels totally clear--more clear than I think I've ever felt before! It's amazing! I feel like I can finally THINK! And, I am feeling much more alert and like I can be productive--even from the moment I wake up, before I even have my tea in the morning! Hopefully that means I'll never feel the need for caffeine in the morning, again....

  • onedatworks - Sturdy and smart!

    This is such a nice and strong quality umbrella. It's thick with double layers and it has a delicate cut out print on the blue side. It is awesomely thought out and easy to use for getting in and out of the cars and it helps especially with children. Also the handle is cushioned and its shaped in a useful shape which is easier to hold than the straight stick umbrella. There are no short cuts taken with the quality of this umbrella is feels sturdy without feeling heavy, it's pretty to look at I chose the blue and it's vibrant, and useful and completely thought out, making you wonder why no ones ever thought of this before. Not to mention it comes with a carrying case just sling it over your should your next big event, I did while visiting colleges with my son and we were the only ones covered while on a campus tour of the apartment. Also you can easily get 2-3 people covered comfortable under there. I'm very excited to have received this umbrella at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

  • Ltmayhem - AWESOME, even if I had paid twice as much!

    I love the product! It charges as fast as my oem LG and Lenovo chargers, with 4 products charging at once. I saw where some guy docked a star for the stand not being "non-skid", and he knocked it off the table, causing damage....well Duh! Do that with your widescreen and see how it holds up... Anyway, I mounted this behind my headboard with (2) large size Command strips. Rock solid, stationary, and it charges like a champ. I've paid a lot more for single/double usb chargers, and they don't work as well as this one. Nice, sturdy feel, love that it has a 2.5' cord, so it doesn't cause clutter near the wall plug.

  • A.L. Dew - An extra pair of hands

    I wouldn't be without this as it is like an extra pair of hands without using a vise to set things.......everything.