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  • GypsyGyz - Any essential oil will do the job and costs 100 times less!

    Any essential oil will do the job and costs 100 times less! Peppermint oil works very well and is very inexpensive. It can be put into a small, screw-cap, squeeze bottle preventing any leakage of oil and makes it easy to dispense. Just 4 to 5 drops is all you usually need. The pleasant mint fragrance fills the air, masking unpleasant scents and provides a cooling, refreshed sensation as well! More oil can be used if needed, which also results in an extra cooling sensation! Try it and see for yourselves; nothing to lose.

  • Reed - TV good, internet connection card terrible

    I bought from best buy on Amazon prime day (Amazon ran out). Picture and sound are great. HOWEVER... it is supposed to be a smart TV. But the wireless card sucks. Needs to be within 20 feet of the router to use streaming video. Why, well I called customer service and basically said that there isn't a separate antenna on the TV. So, while my computer, phone, tablet, etc. can get 40 mbps right next to the tv, the tv can only get 10 mbps, and the signal is intermittent, causing all sorts of interuptions and problems.

  • Zachary Spencer - Perfect for my use case

    I travel a lot and don't want to run the risk of checking a bag. The Timbuk2 Wingman has more than enough space for a week of clothes, my running shoes (They're vibrams so very very flat) and a few of my travel essentials I like to take along with me.

  • Amazon Customer - Footloose

    I got this product as a sample from pinchme. Received two that I could use 4 times. I am 36 and have recently been having foot pain right in my arch next to my heal. I figured what better place to test this out. I used it per the directions. Rubbed it into the area and I have to say that it helped. Now was it completely but it was much easier to walk and stretch the area out so that the pain did go away. I really like how it didn't smell like a pain relief cream. Often they smell super minty. I sometimes get burning sensation in the same area and it worked for that too. And it was great for useing before the gym and after. Part of why my feet hurt these days is because I've gained 50lbs and need to get back at it and now I have no excuse that my feet hurt. I hope that I can get this product with prim. I actually like it.

  • Richy P. - BUY THIS ONE - This thing is amazing!

    I have had and used a wide variety of consumer routers throughout my life. This is hands down the best and easiest solution available for anyone who presently deals with dead spots in their network and doesn't have he ability to run dedicated cable between access points - period. Further, it probably is the best solution even if you can. This system easily outperforms any of the competitors out there as of 10/01/2016 in my setting and probably will work just as well for you too.

  • Marianne Leipzig - Don't leave home without!

    This portable chair fits most tables and booths too! Easy to carry and pack. Very sturdy and safe. We use it at home on our breakfast bar. We now have three in the family. One for the grandparents, one in the car and one at home. It takes up very little space. The fabric washes up great. We love it.