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  • rclev - great

    It would work if you follow instructions. At the end it would just be dead keratin cells that can be pealed off. After the 8 days.

  • brooke - Good balls for my novice husband

    Yup, I gave my husband balls. He came home from work one day and told me he needed to buy golf clubs and balls because he had to participate in a tournament with his colleagues. He's NEVER played golf in his life, so this was so bizarre! I bought him these balls, knowing half of them would go lost or end up in a pond somewhere. When they arrived I checked them out, and they seemed to be excellent quality. Whenever he loses all of them on the course, because I can guarantee you with his lack of golf skills he sure will, I'll happily buy him more. ;-)

  • JIE WEN - I Want My Sixty Dollars Back

    And here I thought I had somehow outgrown PC games or something, but turns out, D3 is really just dull, unimaginative, and a complete waste of sixty dollars. I have scrolled through comments and comments of negative reviews, many of which offers extensive and reasonable scorn and scrutiny on why D3 didn't live up to its potential. Disappointment of the decade to be sure. Good lord, I could've used that sixty dollars towards my college rent. Blizzard, F. U. !!!!

  • Trudi - Book 3

    Somehow I missed book 3 but luckily I had joined the Author's mailing list and when he requested if I had enjoyed book 3 to review it I realized I hadn't read it I immediately went to my kindle unlimited to download. What with all the books I read I was surprised it didn't take but a minute to remember where we had last seen our intrepid characters. OK so they are not ready intrepid, they are often frightened and scared but they do their job anyway which to me is a real hero. Our group has been vastly depleted with the fighting but lumbers on doing their duty. A turn or two you would not likely expect. I thought this would be the end but there is a book 4 too, where will we go from here?