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Country:, North America, US

City: -94.566 Missouri, United States

  • Jameson Roxxx - The holy need to try this....

    I am allergic to bacitracin, Neosporin, aquafor and a&d ointment. I used to only be able to use tattoo goo to heal my tattoos and any cuts, etc.I stumbled upon an After Inked booth at a NJ tattoo convention about 6+ years ago. Being vegetarian and obviously opposed to animal testing the cruelty free 'bunny' logo caught my attention. I decided to buy a tube (back then it was actually a pump type container) and I have never been without it in my bag, medicine cabinet or at my desk since. I have probably gone thru about 10-15 tubes over the last 6 yrs because I use it for everything. From healing a fresh tattoo to using it as a hand lotion during the winter bc my skin gets so dry because of one of my job duties, it works wonders. I also use it as my nighttime facial moisturizer too. Once it's open I believe you need to use it up within 6 months but I dont need to worry about that bc I always use it up prior. A little goes a long way so with normal use you won't crank thru it but I use it for every last thing. The fact that it is vegan and cruelty free AND I know I'm not allergic to it is what makes it my 'go to' for everything lotion/skin/healing related. Your skin is your largest organ...using this means I can be confident about what I am putting on my broken skin, fresh tattoo or whatever. No chemicals, no wondering what that weird word means in the ingredient list......thats why I use it on my face every night. I am telling you, this is the best stuff. You will feel a difference. Plus for healing tattoos, you don't have to worry about getting those greasy bacitracin stains on your clothes. My only "complaint" is that it's not sold in that pump style container anymore because I really liked that. But they could package it in anything and I would still buy it. I love it that much. I think you will too. Also I have contacted the company a couple of times for stockist inquiries, etc and they are awesome too. Great customer service.

  • Devon Pratser - Perfect for teachers!

    I got this last December and absolutely love it! I am a teacher, so I am constantly printing things at home. It's been 9 months, and I still haven't had to refill my starter ink. In the same time frame the previous year, I spent $40-$50 a month on ink. While the initial cost is high, it is well worth it. The automatic double-sided printing feature is such a benefit and a paper saver. It doesn't scan or copy double-sided (unless it's 1 to 2 sided copies) but in most instances I don't need that feature. Occasionally if you are printing lots of images at once, the color will fade a bit, but if you let it settle it picks up again. The only glitch I've noticed is that occasionally for wireless printing, I have to unplug and plus in the printer because it receives the job but gets stuck in pre-printing mode. It just takes one second and hasn't been enough of a burden for me to do much research into fixing it.

  • Teryl Hughes - The Clek Fllo seemed to be very solidly built but we purchased something else that fit in the car better and was easier to insta

    It didn't fit in my Rav4, despite seeking help from a professional child safety seat expert. The Clek Fllo seemed to be very solidly built but we purchased something else that fit in the car better and was easier to install. Was able to send it back to Amazon for free and they processed by return quickly. So, all in all, it was a fine experience it just didn't work out for my vehicle.

  • Joseph F. Collerd - Love this stuff

    This stuff really works when you apply it according to directions. I learned the hard way. But if you shake it very well they way they tell you to and then apply the base coat back and fourth and across; let it dry and then the top coat the same way I got great results keeping stuff off my lawn mower and snow blower and other tools that we use in our landscaping company.

  • Enlightenment - Excellent Value

    For the price, this is an awesome mouse pad. I've had this Medium sized SteelSeries pad for about 2 years now and it has held up great.