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  • Natalie R - Better than a Coozie!

    This coozie/can cooler works amazingly. I am very particular about my mountain dew staying as cold as possible while I'm drinking it. This does a great job of insulating your beverage and also does not promote any condensation on the outside. My soda loses the fizz long before it gets near room temperature. The solid structure of the can cooler is also nice compared to the old style foam coozies and I like that they shaped it to fit in cup holders in the car. It's not too bulky and the can fits snugly inside. They did a nice job designing the screw top that has a rubber lip to keep the can secure. Your lip still touches it a bit so it's weird for the first few sips but after that I no longer noticed it.

  • LCField - the reception was so poor I swapped it back to my original antenna after ...

    I Live in Houston, TX and bought this to keep from having to remove my antenna before going through the car wash. Unfortunately, the reception was so poor I swapped it back to my original antenna after one trip to the store. I should have taken a little more time and read more of the reviews before buying this. I know reception is different in all places, but I thought for sure it would work in Houston. You are buying at your own risk, but if my review helps you decide, don't waste your money.

  • Laura SN - Huge Installation

    The package arrived sooner than anticipated. The installation took longer than anticipated even with 4 CPUs. It installed without incident.

  • Bryce Williams - Excellent DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem

    I did hours upon hours of research into different types of cable modems, and I learned much more than I ever wanted to know about the DOCSIS standard (used for cable Internet). Eventually, I chose this modem as the very best.

  • Joan Price - Brilliant choice of stories

    This is an extraordinary anthology. I love ready contemporary short stories, and this is one of the best anthologies I've found. The stories are strong, varied, and deep enough for book club discussion. I admire Boyle's selection skills and the craft of the writers he includes.

  • Justin - Easy to read & follow

    Helped prepare my mother for her test in her additional night classes, she said it helped immensely.