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  • Tonya - Good for the cost

    The disk was tested using my i5/6600 8G RAM, EVO 950 and MSI B150. So the whole performance of this drive would all be shown. It came to my house three days ago, the size of the drive is just normal, like any 2.5-inch SSD.

  • Shob - is it a real pack? if yes- how come it's lower then the market value?

    I don't understand how USANA is selling packs for $100+ and here its less then half of that price? Are these real products or a copy????

  • Brenda Vincent - No Reading Book

    I have just received the CD's and and very excited get started. However, after I downloaded all of them into my iTunes app on my computer, I noticed that the last CD had reading lessons on it. As I was listening to the instructions, I learned that there should have been a reading booklet included with the CD's. There was no reading booklet. Has anyone else noticed this as well? Does anyone else know how to get the reading booklet without having to order more CD's?