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  • Mark B - So far, I'm NOT impressed.

    I was a little concerned when I received the box and opened it. These lights were smaller than I had anticipated. So, I figured I would try them out. I mounted them above my garage door on each side. They were very easy install, just two screws each into the wood moulding. I've been running these for a couple of nights, and I no longer have any concern. These work great. The low setting at night, isn't bright at all, just a dim light but enough to see. The motion detector works great and these light up the whole driveway. I was curious to see if they charged today, as it was a very cloudy day. Yep when it got dark, these lit up, and i've tested the motion detectors several times tonight and they have worked perfectly. I am so impressed with these little lights, that I've orders more. The solar cells are rated at 3 years of use. I'm hoping they last that long. So far, I'm impressed.

  • Tequilaoz - Great Phrase options

    This book allowed me to write consistent appraisals for all employees. It breaks out phrases by job categories and job functions, which gives you many options to choose from.

  • Ruth Baltopoulos - Wrong case, as others have mentioned. Box was ...

    Wrong case, as others have mentioned. Box was marked 7 Plus but it was clearly the smaller size for the 7. ALSO the wrong color! Had to return - reordered another brand.

  • Bruce L Birnbaum - Just What I Was Hoping For

    I just tried this helmet for the first time yesterday on a 40 mile bike ride. I was very pleased with the light weight, comfort and styling of this helmet. The weather was around 55 degrees, but I can tell that the ventilation during hot Summer days will be great. I found the straps easy to adjust. The Roc Loc size adjustment at the back of the helmet works well, allowing for easy, fast and fine-tune sizing adjustments. This is an excellent product and I'm really happy with this purchase.

  • Andrew - It spun tales of a beautiful utopic environment in America

    From the first moment I was gravitated to the catching words ' America is already great'. The cover of both cannidates who obviously put in several hours in the gym was both gripping and telling. The fascist salute I had thought gone out of style graces the cover of this masterpiece. I figured I would be learning the tales of how to grift, and sell public secrets to foreign entities, boy was I wrong! There was so much more! It spun tales of a beautiful utopic environment in America. Apparently racial riots and bombs are all there to work on our exceptence of others and self-awareness. America was already great, but obviously some group of deplorables needed some nurse ratchet therapy. I can understand this, and I would never want to have a nasty label attached to me for self-thought again! This literary masterpiece cranked out by some Harvard or Yale intern inspired me to do much less. Nurse ratchet and the pills burry dough boy would be there for me as long as I chanted the mantra and gulped the kook aid. I could see the writing on the wall - the downward spiral of inner city communities is just part of the plan. Veterans living in conditions of homelessness was to toughen them up as they had become xenophobic, racist, mysoginist. Strange how they have more contact with outside cultures than anyone I know- oh well-Nurse ratchet is on the case there! By taking away their benefits and bribing foreign dictators they once fought -those vets can learn lessons quicker than the ones obtained fighting in a fifteen year conflict. Who knew coming home would find them in the real conflict. The population control to combat climate change suddenly Ressonated. Definately the party I want handling the nukes- the ones who think there should be less people. I am very frightened by raindrops too, and having more abundant plant life simply just sucks for everyone-I want that ice back too. The war of combatting of ignorance, is, well raging. Although it burned my hands while holding it, I simply could not put it down. I knew the Hollywood group I saw on TV had led me to the holy grail of personalities. Thank God they took a break from all their narcissitic excess to lead me to a fountain of knowledge. I know they just want to keep grifting from their own foundations that are mere tax shelters like -H. I finally had the Quan. After completing the third grade reading level chapters I realized Stronger Together was a blatant warning to us all. There were certainly some stray sticks that these leaders will desire for discipline at a later date. I think those words 'Stronger Together' are compelling to anyone who may testify against this delusion of grandeur. In the end it made me laugh, cry, and kneel. I felt this warm nostalgic state come over me. I had to wonder if I was becoming one of the acceptables? Could I have a seat at the table? I will rummage through my change purse and see if I can come up with the acceptance fee of 250k- hopefully, I can. I need some extra copies for friends before this Pulitzer Prize is sold out! Wait, I think the Saudis, Soros, and Buffet own the rights-damn.

  • Brice S. - Here's a real review.

    Ok, so here's a real review. Not a review that was written a couple days after the trying this product either. I waited 2 whole months to write this review because I know how important these reviews can be for a person (like myself) struggling with intestinal problems. Sometimes you try everything and start to give up and totally abandon any idea of relief.