Nivaldo Cordeiro - Professor Nivaldo Cordeiro é economista e mestre em Administração de Empresas pela FGV, escola onde concluiu também os créditos de Doutorado em Economia.Desde 2008 está engajado na leitura dos clássicos da literatura e da filosofia, que tem transformado em cursos.Sua trajetória profissional registra longa carreira em empresas privadas, depois continuadas no setor público, onde exerceu cargos no Governo Federal. Tem também longa carreira de professor universitário na área de Economia.

Country:, North America, US

City: -122.0074 California, United States

  • Ryan Nichols - A must-have for wine drinkers

    This is a great product for preserving your unfinished bottles of wine! By pumping out the air and effectively resealing the bottle, you can keep your wine tasting good for significantly longer than simple re-corking would. Prior to purchasing this item, I found myself consistently pouring out wine that had turned after just a day or two. Now, I have drank wine that has been opened for nearly an entire week without much change in the flavor. I highly recommend this product to any wine drinker!

  • book lover - Dante Needs To Bend Jodie Till She Submits

    A dirty talking bad boy, a killer for the mob. He does what the boss tells him when the boss tells him. That's not going to change...until Jodie. This is an excellent book. B. B. Hamel delivers action, suspense and a lot of hot and steamy. A real page turner. Incredibly written. Loved it.

  • bau2015 - Wonderful..

    These my own comments and in no way did the discount sway me to give a rating better than the item performed.

  • Michael J. Gellerman - Important Acid Refluex Information

    Although WHY STOMACH ACID IS GOOD FOR YOU is a bit dated, published in 2001 and there is more information now available on proton pump inhibitors like Omeprazole, from what I can tell the information on the importance of stomach acid has not changed. The authors made the point that stomach acid is necessary for good health and as we age the amount of stomach acid decreases, thereby answering the fundamental question that if this is true, why are people as we age taking more and more anacids? Obviously the authors have nailed Big Pharma who are making billions off the uninformed. That said, this is an important book for anyone interested in taking charge of their own health care as opposed to letting the medical profession and television commercials make the decisions concerning your body. This has to be a joint venture betweem the doctor and the patient. Finally, the one other criticism would be that the information on acid reflux is for approximately 80% of sufferers who have Gastroesphageal Reflux Disease (GERD), when 20% like myself have Larynopharyngeal Reflux (LPR). Too bad that distinction was not made or discussed in this book.

  • richandmerry - Part of the deal included phone time with a product ...

    Part of the deal included phone time with a product rep to help me get started. When I emailed Nero about how to go about talking to someone, they ignored my question and sent me a general message that the manuals can be found online. Thanks for the bait and switch Nero.