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  • Brandon Gardiner - Auto Tune - Easy Tuning

    Fairly easy to install with just a few bolts to remove, raise the fuel tank a bit, route the harness, plug it in, secure the harness in place, lower the fuel tank, reinstall the bolts. Seems to give improved throttle response and a bit more pep in the step of my 2009 Kawasaki Vulcan 1700 Classic.

  • LeahMaria - Good for health, not necessarily a weight loss product

    Wow does this stuff work! I did NOT lose any weight which is what I was hoping for but it definitely functioned as a colon cleanser. I think it is super healthy for people to use a cleanser every couple of months to keep your body and digestion healthy. I could see how some people could lose weight the first time that they try these pills due to the fact that they had a lot of backup in their body but this is definitely not a sustainable weight loss product. Your stomach will also hurt A LOT while you are taking the pills and plan to spend a lot of uncomfortable time in the bathroom.

  • Omid Parto - Several important weaknesses!

    The perfect fitting and the great look was attractive to me, and the high price (almost $2000 for the original price) was a kind of signal that could tell me "this is quite different than others". That's why finding a new unit for only $600 or even $800 would look like a great opportunity. I spent four months searching for such an opportunity, finally found one and bought the system.

  • Amazon Customer - Great BCAA Plus

    Great product, tastes pretty good. Usually add a scoop to my pre workout and sip on another scoop during my workout. Good for lean gains or for those trying to maintain anabolism while cutting