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    MUST READ!!!!! I ordered the product online during the infomerical I saw on TV. I received my order about 7 business days after I ordered it. I read all in the information inside of the box. In tiny print on your invoice it tells you that you are set up for automatic delivery unless you call customer service and adjust the number of shipments or cancel completely. THE KEY IS TO CALL BEFORE 30 DAYS TO CANCEL....BEFORE THEY SEND OUT THE 2ND SHIPMENT. YES THEY DO HAVE A 60 DAYS RETURN POLICY, BUT IF YOU WANT TO THE 60TH DAY TO CANCEL, THEN THE 2 SHIPMENT HAS ALREADY BEEN MAILED. YOU NEED TO CALL AND CANCEL BEFORE THEY SHIP THE 2ND BOX TO YOU. I called and was hold for about 2 minutes and the lady did try to sell me another scent of the product. I told her I just wanted to cancel and she said I would receive a conformation e-mail confirming. About 3 days later I received the conformation cancelling any and all delieveries.

  • A. Johnson - FREAKING AMAZING BAG!!!!

    I love this bag! Comfortable to sling over your shoulder -- big enough for a 13" MacBook Pro. Not big enough for the 15", in case you wondered. Has plenty of pockets for random crap that you have to carry daily, and a main pocket besides the laptop area. I've crammed tons of swag from conferences in this thing, my Macbook, iPad mini, and notebooks and pens. Carried all of it-- swag included 2 tee shirts. Sexy looking colors too. Just an amazing bag. I love the big adjustment buckle that allows you to widen the webbing to get it off your head. Awesome.

  • J. Kanikula - Great Concept, Didn't help my Dog

    The idea of this product is great, but it did not work for our Dog. We have a 7 year old black lab that gets anxiety when in the car. She shakes, and pants, and wedges herself as close to the back of our seats as possible. We thought this product would be great if it worked. But it did not. She still shakes, and pants and wedges herself close to our seats. Basically no change from before. I am sure that this product works for some people, but it does not work for us, and I cannot recommend it.

  • Raising Cain - Good Looking Accessory / Very Very Tough Installation!

    These pedals are absolutely gorgeous once installed but, would-be buyers beware the DIY installation process is quite the task! The gas pedal installation is challenging but will go on with a fair amount of effort. The brake pedal installation, now that's a different story, it is not for the faint of heart. As mentioned in other reviews the installation instructions are of little to no use. I suggest (if you are not going to have them installed by a shop) soak in hot soapy water for a good while and use a short/stubby flat head screw driver to help in moving and prying rubber around brake pedal as you work. Good luck and GOD bless you. The installation is very frustrating and time consuming.

  • Kindle97 - Doesn't work.

    Yes folks its what it is, Snake oil! Will not trim or file nails. It will not even cut paper. The rotary blade isn't sharp at all and if you press hard in any way friction heat will build up and you will get burned.

  • Phil Peterson - If you're looking for a good complete multivitamin this is it

    If you're looking for a good complete multivitamin this is it. All of the vitamins and minerals you need if you train hard. Plus it has phytonutrients to round out your everyday nutrition. Great for active individuals that need to supplement their nutrition to make sure that they're getting all the necessary vitamins and minerals.