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  • Top Footwear for standing - Fashion Central - Top Footwear for standing Walking and standing without a reasonable rest can be seen as the same stress. Standing for so long is a problem to human body which could be back pains or foot arch....

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  • Richard B. - Best way to save partial bottles of wine.

    My wife and many of my friends are not wine drinkers. So, when I want a glass of wine I generally pour it from a bottle that has been previously opened. I also use wine often in a marinade for stake and foul. All the stoppers I have previously used to cap a partially used bottle have failed. Either the wine has lost its flavor or it has turned to vinegar. What a waste! The vacuum seal created using these stoppers and the vacuum pump eliminate the waste. Now I can store red wine at room temperature without it turning and white wine in the frig without it going flat. Great!

  • Mark Yonke - A really great stroller!

    Like I said, what a great stroller. There is minimal setup out of the box and once you spend about 5 minutes with it, it's very easy to use. It literally just takes your foot and a push to collapse it and a little locking arm holds it closed. If you want it open again, release the same locking arm, push a small foot pedal and it's open. It's also pretty light weight but not overly so and feels like it's well made. Another great feature is that the seat back goes almost all the way flat which is great for when your baby is sleepy.

  • Jack - Get this - BOB Revolution and Chicco Keyfit are excellent combo - don't settle for a lesser stroller or carseat.

    Locks up great - very easy to install and uninstall on the fly. We've used it for walking and running with our BOB and Chicco Keyfit and the combo is rock solid. Very happy to have found this early on so that we could start with the BOB. The stroller will be with us for years to come, and this adapter paid for itself several times over. A bit sad that we don't need it anymore!

  • Amazon305 - My new scrub has been found

    I love to try skincare products. I thought i knew what type of scrub i liked until i got this one. I love that the scrub is chunky, light smell of coconut that doesn't linger and moisturizes my skin. I didn't know i would like it this much but i truly do. I love that i can wash my skin and then scrub and moisturize in two steps. I don't think i can ever go back to a scrub that doesn't moisturize. When I am out of this I will reorder.

  • JackD - Deceptive advertising !!!

    I was really looking forward to set this up but i have to say i am extremely disappointed. I upgraded my internet to 300mbps and needed something that supports that higher speed. Here are my thoughts about Almond 2015 -