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  • Ryan - Nice bright light!

    Replacement on the interior lights are a breeze, was able to do it in about 10 minutes. Light for the trunk is a little bit dimmer than I'd want it to be but still works better than stock.

  • Steve - Gun Vault

    Great Vault for storing your gun, wallet, checkbook, or anything of value that will fit into it. Easy install, takes about 30 minutes. Thieves will not be able to get into it. I suggest the one with the combination lock, this way you can access it with your keys in the ignition.

  • jgal - I have yet to come across a mouse that functions so brilliantly in its simplicity.

    This review is of the Summer Edition 2015. I will address now that this review may be outdated by 2016. Nonetheless, here is my experience.

  • H. R. Hopp - Too Many Bugs That Are Critical!

    I have been a long time Quickbooks user. They force you to purchase their latest version of Quickbooks to continue to be able to use their services for emailing invoices, online payments, etc. If you do not purchase your new version (not even an upgrade but you have to buy it full price all over again!), by the deadline date, you lose these conveniences. So my deadline was 5/31/14 and I purchased this program on 5/7/14. When installing, it warns you that once you install the new version, you cannot go back to using your old version ever again. Didn't think that was a problem until I spent two hours trying to email an invoice. There is a critical bug that they know about and haven't been able to fix yet with this version. So shame on you Intuit for forcing your clients to purchase this new piece of garbage software and not warning them of the problems. And double shame on you for making the software so that once you install it, you cannot go back. DO NOT BUY THIS PROGRAM UNTIL ALL BUGS ARE FIXED!

  • Jon B - Wow. This is a really good training system.

    I've waited six months to review this so I could get a long-term perspective, and I have to say that this is an incredible guitar training system.

  • JoeS - If you play, or want to play guitar or bass, buy this game NOW

    1) The only people who don't like this game are having issues with installing it. Or there's a conflict of some kind on their computer.

  • Mariam Ben-Neticha - Kaplan can improve

    Good for information....bad for figuring out how to go about studying for the MCAT. No help structuring and no methods to help absorb all the information.