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  • Bookby - web security

    I did the install from online and had no problems. The product appears to be working fine. This is my first time using this product.

  • darleneg20 - It Works!

    I fully recommend the Tangy Tangerine from Dr. Wallach's Youngevity product line. Loaded with all the vitamins, minerals your body needs. Makes me feel better and can tell the difference when I am not taking it. As with any natural healing process it takes a bit to really feel the difference. After all it is not healing you but giving your body what it needs in order for it to heal itself. I could feel the difference in just a week or so.

  • B. Knisely - pretty good

    "swish a little through, and it looks like new"... yeah, i'm gonna go with no on that one! that's the quote that they use in the commercial to demonstrate how easy it is to clean out a coffee pot (although "if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is"). i actually had to scrub at mine for quite a while to get results... but i still got really good results, and that's what counts! i also used this on some rusty tools, and they look great now (i don't know if like knew, cause i haven't seem them like this for a while). ya gotta scrub to get the right results with this stuff. oh, and it didn't seem to help with my shower head, so i dinged it a star!