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  • John T. Gatlin Jr. - Five Stars

    hip hop just got a real boost that was well needed. This CD is banging and the beats aren't over the top but not sloppy either. The beats are mostly over lyrics which was slick because as the CD grew on me I appreciated how he kept it pure HIP-HOP throughout. This is the 1st CD I can bang from front to back in a long time while making my drive more enjoyable. A lot was said also which is rare now a days. If you are just into hyped up radio hits you will have to listen 3-4x's at least to un-tune your ears.

  • Michael Douglas - Like sitting through an extended Saturday morning cartoon

    Like sitting through an extended Saturday morning cartoon. Liked the fact that there was more to the story, and see the setup for more, but this was a struggle to say we liked the movie. Wished I had rented it first.

  • Debora DeJoy - Love Quickbooks

    Quickbooks is user friendly and one of the few accounting and inventory control software programs available that covers everything my business needs. I have a flooring construction business and I have not found anything else on the market that is a complete package for all my needs. I have been using Quickbooks for years and your annual updates always makes my job easier.

  • Chronos - Author does an excellent job of describing many champagne houses

    Author does an excellent job of describing many champagne houses, their methods and styles, current trends in the champagne world. . His ratings are, of course, subjective, as are all ratings. This book is written for the knowledgeable consumer and I would recommend that if you aren't a cognoscenti that you read "Champagne for Dummies" first. Its title is a little misleading because it is a fine primer on the subject. The Champagne Guide is a wonderful reference for up to date information on the champagne world.

  • judys224 - Works better than any other product I have tried

    I have used this Shaklee paste before on my oven! Works better than any other product I have tried! Only problem, this did not come with the scour pad you need!

  • jean c piccard - justice Redeemed

    This novel was written in much the same style as John Grisham. I enjoyed it very much and look forward to reading more by this author. The characters were well defined and the plot was fast paced. I would recommend this book to all.

  • Lisa - perfect

    This product is exactly as described. It was shipped very quickly after ordering, and was delivered quickly as well. Everything seems to be as expected and as described in the description: