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  • BC Robins - Good Book for Refernce

    I use this book all the time for reference.. Very good for use in a office with several employees. thanks

  • beesting - Plodding along to the finish

    I usually devour Sandford' s books. This one I am slowly trudging through. Don't know if it is just me or the subject but having a hard time with this one.

  • Expatcalifornian - works as a last step

    I find this works well, but only if you pre-clean your glass first. Otherwise it leaves streaks. But if your glass has been cleaned with windex or the like, you will notice a difference after using this on it. Makes for a mirror shine.

  • KatyRose O'Day Baker - Your life, literally, will never be the same

    This is a great book which makes a lot of sense. If anyone doubts the concept, it can be tested by taking a barefoot walk, or just standing barefoot on the ground. How hard is that? This idea of being grounded has indeed been my "missing link" in my health care and rehabilitation. As for the blowhard who said the authors are an infomercial for their own products, nothing could be further from the truth. Over and over they say GET OUTSIDE ON THE GROUND WHILE BAREFOOTED, as being the most effective way to get grounded. They also greatly encourage companies to manufacture products that will support those who, for whatever reason, cannot get outside barefooted enough. Repeatedly, they emphasize that one doesn't need any products. They briefly mention, in the appendix, that some of the products for this purpose can be obtained through their website, and speak of future plans to train technicians to set up grounding fields for those using the products. I never got the feeling while reading the book that I was supposed to jump online and buy anything. I could certainly feel the sincerity and enthusiasm of the authors, not to mention their determination to make life better for us all.