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    City: 14.4112 , Czechia

  • mac12 - no support

    I loaded the program on my 2 laptops but I was not able to get it to work on my primary tells me to uninstall the old program but it

  • Kevin G. - Good stuff

    My skin is pretty even and clear, not excessively oily and I've never had acne, but I'm prone to the occasional skin "condition". Aside from the odd pimple here and there, out of nowhere I'll get wicked break-outs all over over my face that last for days and I really have no idea what causes them. Even with different soaps or detergents or whatever I still have it happen a couple times a year and it seems like there's nothing I can really do about it.

  • Sergio - Nice and clean easy to install

    They look good, easy to install, light and strong up to 70 Kg of load,I thing it fit in the trunk in case you don't want to use it all the time.

  • Phantom-Rose - Positively Radiant

    I really wanted to love this. Compared to others, this one had a reasonable price, nice texture and good ratings. But after using it for a few weeks, dark spots actually appeared! I stopped using it and the spots eventually faded, so I guess it's safe to say there's a correlation. Never heard of moisturizer actually CAUSING dark spots!