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  • LadyDesi - Absolutely Amazing

    As being from the eastern part of India we consume black seeds(Kala Jeera) every day on our Lentil soup. But I never knew how to use its oil until my father got diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer. Three months back(mid-June,2013) from a routine check up the doctors found that he is having this deadly cancer. In July, from his CT scan result we realized that the tumor is 1.5cm(Stage 1-A) big. We all went to shock, depression, anxiety. Then we all stared looking for any alternative remedy that could help him not to grow the tumor bigger. Two weeks after the CT scan he had the biopsy test, the tumor grew to 1.8cm(stage 1-B). My father got an appointment for surgery, which was scheduled to be done three weeks after biopsy. Then my father read some reviews about this cold pressed black seed oil and shared it with us. I ordered this product ASAP. He started taking it three times a day. His mood was bit in control. That inspired me and I started taking it once(before bed) a day. The first few days I was feeling bloated until late night. But then it started getting better. I felt more relaxed. Reading few of the reviews about its weight loss ability I started taking the oil it with raw honey, few pinches of cinnamon and water(before bed). In a week I felt bit light(lost about half pound, which was some achievement for me as I am a full time mom, with no time to exercise, and all above that I had the stress about my father's health all the time-which actually made me eat more carb) . Seeing this benefit I started taking this oil with orange juice during day. I felt the boost of energy all day. But as orange juice has sugar in it and now my family got a diabetes/pancreatic cancer history I stopped taking the orange juice and moved the dose to morning with bit honey(1/4th tea spoon), cinnamon and water. I noticed my tummy shrinking. It's been two months and so far I have lost 4lbs.

  • christie abbott - BLACK SEED OIL IS AMAZING

    I'm an LMT and work with professional athletes and people who have chronic pain. I recommend this to my clients. They all say it works wonders on their aches and pains. It lubricated joints and nourishes the brain. I breake it open and use on my face. I'm 37 and get told I look 10 or more years younger than I am. Love love love this product. Plus its said in the holy books it cures all but death.