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  • Toph - Attractive shoe

    Shimano is a great company and this shoe shows off their stuff well. It is fairly light weight and the straps work well. The loss of the star comes from two things, first is the fact that my foot was to wide for the normal shoe but not wide enough for the E (wide) shoe. I kept the wide shoe as I would rather have a little play than suffocate my foots circulation. The second issue is that they dont breath as good as I hoped. Having a black shoe, in the sun your feet can get a little toasty and there are only a couple spots that offer ventilation and they are not that good. Other than these two issues I feel the shoe was worth the money and looks great with my bike.

  • Mark (Bump) - Danger: Malware masquerading as malware protection!

    I've worked in IT for over 30 years, that last 10 as an IT Security engineer, manager and now director for a Fortune-20 corporation. And I have experience with many of the top commercial and freeware anti-malware products. Each has its strengths and weaknesses. IMHO, nothing is more important than a sound knowledge and careful attention to what you do and where you go on-line. But mistakes can be made and the added protection of a good anti-malware product.

  • Robert Vincent - Satisfied

    fit perfectly and was the manufacturer's suggested replacement part. Now I have ice! Very prompt with shipping and very detailed explanations of the product offered

  • Ben Roseberry - My Second Favorite

    The best thing about this recording is Steve Balsamo. The man has a voice that is unlike any I have ever heard. His version of Gethsemane is, in my opinion, the best there is. David Burt also gives a knockout performance as Pilate. It took a while, but the other performers grew on me as well. Zubin Varla has a pretty gruff voice for Judas, but I guess people like that. His acting is really good, though. Joanna Ampil has a great voice for kim in Miss Saigon, but her Mary is a little weak. Her best song is "could we start again please", not "I don't know how to love him". The new versions of the songs are wonderful, and the orchestrations are the best I have ever heard. I would say that if they don't make a cd of the new broadway cast (which is THE best), then this cd is the one to go with. It is well worth the money!

  • Terry O'Hara - Healthy Forever

    This is a good book about a really great dietary supplement. I have tried various types of human growth hormone sources, and none of them did anything for me except cost a lot of money. Taking DHEA for me has had some most pleasant effects, and I took it as a result of what I learned from reading this book. I am looking forward to living to age 120 in good health!