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  • ljohansson - Smart Draw Products

    I have been in the oil and gas business for over thirty years, and I have never found a more useful tool than "Smart Draw" which I use for flowcharts, but has loads of different applications. Because of "Smart Draw" I have been able to offer to my clients totally professional flowcharts for easy reference for mineral title. You could never go wrong with any of the "Smart Draw" products as they are all top-notch professional, and quite easy to use. If you are looking for a tool that will set you apart from all the others professionally, look no further because "Smart Draw" is the tool you need. I love it, and will never use anything different.

  • psee - Great information

    Rick Steve's travel books are great. They may not be the most detailed but they do give the traveler a well-rounded guide to any region that his books cover. Volumes have been written about any countries histories and this gives readers a very nice synopsis of history, places to dine, see, stay, modes of transportation, etc.

  • Lance & Amy - Comfortable on the feet AND the eyes

    I love these shoes. It is so hard right now to find a comfortable and attractive pair of women's athletic shoes in gray, black, or white, as opposed to all these hideous neon colors and pink. They have a patch of "volt" on the tongue, but it's small enough that I can still wear them to work. I've had these shoes for about a month, and they are wearing well. I have high arches, and the arch support is sufficient. I also have had shin splints, and the bottom of these shoes are flexible enough not to aggravate it. My only complaints are that the white plastic stripe running to the ball of your foot can rub against your skin, and I've also had issues with one of the tongues falling down to the side. Otherwise, they are very comfortable and sleek looking. A great shoe.

  • Karen Troxell - Pass or fail - no inbetweens on this type of product

    I've been using similar products since the advent of pre-employment drug tests. They used to offer 2x - 5x your money back if they didn't work. Never had to call anyone on it before. I followed the directions to a tee, and came back with a dirty test for that obstinante metabolite that is so hard to get rid off. Needless to say, I'm SOL!