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  • Amazon Customer - Fake Yetis!!

    These are not true Yeti ramblers. They came from China which is known for its knock-offs and these weigh 14 oz when empty. My older Yeti rambler weighs almost 17 oz empty and the Yeti website says the 30 oz rambler should weigh 16 oz empty. I ordered two of these and they are noticeably lighter even before putting them on my digital food scale. They may work well if you're ok with a fake. There is also a YouTube video on spotting fakes by the labels and these fit the bill for the knock-off version. If you want the real Yeti rambler Do Not Buy This One!!

  • Anthony L Lyle - Battery indicator is nice works great

    Battery indicator is nice works great. They could however put in some instructions on what the indicators indicate when they are blinking. I had to call the manufacturer to figure out what the blinking was about.

  • Samuel-Louis Bandy, Jr. - Exciting reading on a rainy or cold night.

    Okay, it really is a bit boring, but I enjoy how Lasser puts out examples to help the reader to better understand the tax code areas and to show how to calculate the items. I also enjoy how Lasser puts out sample forms in the book so that the reader may follow along with the text, line by line on the form, and how he also explains when one can implement various tax breaks and when one may not. It is technical, but written to be understood by a non-accounting person of average intelligence. Great book.

  • Cydney - Not Worth the money!

    Not impressed. I called and asked for a coupon and when I finally got it I was so disappointed. It left huge scuff marks on the floor and stripped them completely. Made them look completely dull. Completely overpriced and not any better than Murphy's Oil Soap. Save your money.

  • Kristy Bechtold - Held up to the Yeti test

    I ordered two. Used one to test the claim that it was as good as a Yeti, but it was a pretty big fail. Ice didn't last long. Then we tested the two RTIC ones against each other just to see. The one we had tested previously still failed, but the other one held ice for about 2 and a half days. My Yeti lasts right at 3 days. I contacted the seller about the issue and they refunded my money for the faulty one. Super great seller, fast response!

  • caleb - Help

    Does anyone know if this fits in the crew cab as well 2012 dodge 1500 It looks like it would but not sure

  • Priscilla - Could be organized better, but good info.

    Very helpful for writing up my annual reviews. It wasn't organized in the most user friendly way. I put tabs in the book to know where to flip to for what I needed.