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  • ATL Native - Better than nothing but not long lasting

    After having a more expensive wine saver kick the bucket on us after a shorter-than-expected lifespan, I wanted a more economical option. This sounded good and I liked the fact that it would click to let you know when you had sucked enough air out. It works better than sticking the old cork back in the bottle and will keep a wine good for 2-3 days after originally opening it (assuming you don't take this out) but I've found the wine has gone bad on or after the 4th day.

  • coach bill - Great Golf Bag

    this callaway golf bag is awesome... it is lightweight even with clubs... the many pockets allow for more than enough equipment to be stored, plus the pockets all face forward, so even pocket is accessible...

  • L. Thornton - love the products!

    I'm really surprised by the negative reviews. I've been using Arbonne products, which are expensive & awesome products, but I've gone through 2 jars of their neck cream and have had no results so I thought I would try Sub D. I have noticed dramatic results with Sub D within a week! also used samples of other products from my order and have noticed results with softer skin and deep smile lines disappearing, less puffiness & dark circles going away under my eyes going away within 2 weeks. It is $49.95 as advertised, not $49.95 a month for 3 months as I've seen other people write in reviews. If you order the deluxe kit, which includes more products, it is $79.95 for 3 months, which is the same price I pay for the Arbonne. Not sure how other reviews compare the product to Oil of Olay, Oil of Olay does nothing. Yes it is much cheaper, but you get what you pay for.

  • it is fun - very cool bike but brakes hang over the tires and skid ...

    very cool bike but brakes hang over the tires and skid on the tires, no one can fix it, options are take the brakes off or buy a new tire every month dependin on hw yu use it. me would be every week

  • Mark D. - Crash Tested! Great helmet

    I bought this helmet about a year ago, and have loved riding in it. It has excellent ventilation, and is quite comfortable. I went from thinking that this was a nice helmet to thinking it is a great helmet today after I crashed. I went over my handlebars (manhole cover tilted on me due to improper seating) and landed square on my head. The helmet was crushed, but I walked away without any damage whatsoever. I am AMAZED I walked away from this crash without any serious harm. I am buying a new one right now to replace it. Great helmet and clearly well designed to be comfortable riding and works in a crash!