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  • Just Me - Cost-Effective Alternative to Renting

    Works as it should with Time Warner. (1) Call Time Warner (or your company, if different), (2) give them the device information they request, (3) plug it in, (4) connect the coaxial (internet) cable, (5) connect the Ethernet (router) cable, (6) enjoy your internet without a modem rental fee. No connection or speed issues with my basic internet connection.

  • Amazon Customer - Like but Intuit Cust Service not so much

    I like QB and I've used if for awhile. To be honest it's really the only game in town for small businesses. Over the last few years Intuit has made great strides in making the Mac version comparable to the PC version. It's not 100% comparable but it's close enough for my purposes to not make a meaningful difference. If you can stomach dealing with the hassles and quirks of PC computers the QB for PC is probably better. If you are a Mac girl (such as I am) you can't go wrong with the later versions of QB on Mac.

  • Sara Norred - I can't believe how GREAT this book was

    I can't believe how GREAT this book was!!! Now the bad part is I have to wait for another to come out/ :( That is a bummer. I read a lot and don't find very many that I want to give 5 stars. But if I could give it more, I most definetly would! Keep up the amazing work!! I'm patiently waiting..... Or at least I'm trying to!

  • Jai Lucky - Great product for cystic acne and scaring

    I've been using Lerosett for 15 years!! I used to have major problems with cystic acne and ingrown hairs from unwanted facial hair. Trust me there is nothing worse than scaring on your face. I started applying Lerosett at night before bed and all you need is a thin layer. I let it dry and wash off when I wake up. This was advised by my Doctor who also has knowledge with African American skin. In two weeks my scars were already fading and I stopped getting the cystic acne... I still today follow the same regiment and if I'm pressed for time I apply Lerosett leave on for 30 mins, then wash off with tepid water... Great product! I'm now scar free and no outbreaks of cystic acne.

  • Golfnut - Excellent guide

    This was our first trip to Italy and this travel guide came in very handy. Rick Steves did a fine job in describing all aspect of travel to Italy and his rankings of what to see were spot on. Moreover, the sections on general travel to Italy were very informative and quite helpful.

  • Melanie - Lifesaver for UTI issues

    These were an absolute life-saver after a series of recurring UTIs. I haven't had any problems after using these AZO tablets regularly.