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Partial Seizure Treatment – Oxtellar XR® (oxcarbazepine) - Learn about Oxtellar XR® (oxcarbazepine) extended-release tablets, an adjunctive partial seizure treatment for adults and children 6 years to 17 years of age.

  • https://oxtellarxrhcp.com/clinical-trials/ PROSPER Clinical Trial – Oxtellar XR® (oxcarbazepine) - Learn about the clinical efficacy of Oxtellar XR® (oxcarbazepine), as demonstrated in the well-controlled phase 3 PROSPER study.
  • https://oxtellarxrhcp.com/efficacy/ Efficacy & Adverse Reactions - Oxtellar XR® (oxcarbazepine) - Learn about the efficacy and adverse reactions of once-daily Oxtellar XR® (oxcarbazepine), an adjunctive partial seizure treatment for adults and children ages 6 to 17.
  • https://oxtellarxrhcp.com/efficacy/mechanism-of-action/ Mechanism of Action - Oxtellar XR® (oxcarbazepine) - Learn about the Oxtellar XR® mechanism of action, and how Solutrol® extended-release technology enables 24-hour coverage with Oxtellar XR® (oxcarbazepine).
  • https://oxtellarxrhcp.com/dosing/ Dosing & Administration – Oxtellar XR® (oxcarbazepine) - Learn about dosing options for adult and pediatric patients taking Oxtellar XR® (oxcarbazepine). Find information about dosing strengths, considerations and administration guidelines.
  • https://oxtellarxrhcp.com/hcp-insights/ HCP Insights & Testimonials – Oxtellar XR® (oxcarbazepine) - Explore and hear testimonials from clinicians who currently use Oxtellar XR® (oxcarbazepine) in their practice.
  • https://oxtellarxrhcp.com/hcp-insights/project-qd/ Project Quick Dialogues (QD) - Oxtellar XR® (oxcarbazepine) - Learn about how to facilitate peer-to-peer conversation and patient dialog around seizure disorders with Project QD.
  • https://oxtellarxrhcp.com/patient-savings-resources/ Patient Savings & Co-Pay Card - Oxtellar XR® (oxcarbazepine) - Learn how Supernus® Support helps your patients access Oxtellar XR® (oxcarbazepine) and find more information about the Oxtellar XR 12-month $10 co-pay card.
  • https://oxtellarxrhcp.com/patient-savings-resources/organizer/ Patient Visit Organizer - Oxtellar XR® (oxcarbazepine) - Utilize the patient visit organizer when prescribing your patients with Oxtellar XR® (oxcarbazepine) to help them chart possible symptoms and track side effects.
  • https://oxtellarxrhcp.com/important-safety-information/ Important Safety Information – Oxtellar XR® (oxcarbazepine) - Review the important safety information for Oxtellar XR® (oxcarbazepine) to learn more about the medication, indication, and adverse reactions.
  • https://oxtellarxrhcp.com/site-map/ Site Map - Oxtellar XR® (oxcarbazepine) - Can’t find what you’re looking for? Review the Site Map for Oxtellar XR® (oxcarbazepine) for a list of all pages.

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  • Jeff Goeke - Perfect fit. Awesome value!

    Easy to install once I lined it up. A very easy DIY project and a nice savings from the original manufacturer parts. Fit perfectly on my 2014 Honda CR-V.

  • RI Red - Warning: this version still has bugs!

    I've used various versions of Quicken since 2002, most recently 2012 Deluxe. Today I purchased and installed 2014 and it has more issues than I've ever seen in a new release:

  • Victoria Toussainy - No Result

    I ordered this because a few of celebs was advertising this product. So I thought I'll give it a try with my work outs. This does nothing but give you a cool feel to your butt. I gave it 2 months...smh I wasted my money...

  • Gracie - Five Stars

    I love Murad products. This cleanser is great. Your skin feels smooth and very clean after treated.

  • Eric T - Great TV

    Great TV with great features. Picture quality is amazing, smart TV functionality and remote are cutting edge. When I first purchased it, I couldn't figure out why I couldn't get the HDR feature to work. There were no instructions or guidance in this area. Eventually I figured out, to get HDR you have to connect the input to HDMI 1 as the other two ports do not have this functionality. This is probably my only pet peeve for this TV, the inability to utilize HDR on all 3 HDMI ports.